What Is Different Now

May 31, 2020 blog

This has ALWAYS been happening - people of color being brutalized and murdered at the hands of ruthless killers who are never brought to justice. What is different now is that there are always cameras at the ready, along with the means to show these atrocities to EVERYONE. So, now that we are exposed to what is happening with a vividness and thoroughness that has never before been possible, we can begin to see and understand what has always been true, but had mostly been hidden.

And so, all who witness these crimes and their failure to be prosecuted or prevented have a choice: to speak sanely but forcefully to power, that we as a society find this situation unacceptable, and that we will use all peaceful means to ensure that it changes for the better. The other choice, of course, is to do nothing, and allow these horrors to continue. If we choose the latter, we have no cause to complain, and we become guilty ourselves.