Beyond the world of discovery that music has been for me, there was always the bigger world, the universe of questions about what we’re a part of, how it works, and how to best fit into the larger whole.

My love of words, a fascination with scientific, philosophical, and spiritual inquiry, and a quiet determination to learn how to be a better human (and a happier man) have led me on a path of shaping my experience, breath by breath, into poems.

Here are some of them.

Love and Hate

June 5, 2020

Don’t be a hater of hatred -
that just spreads more hate.

Be a lover of love instead,
and that will spread more love!

Reflections on a Silent Vigil: What We Stand For/Nine Minutes

June 3, 2020

As I stand here
with my neighbors,
my brothers and my sisters,
we stand in silent witness
to a status quo
which we can no longer
accept or tolerate.

Standing in silence,
my heart opens
to the pain we all share,
and the compassion
that we may share as well,
if we are resolute
in our intention for change.

Standing here,
I am reminded
that I am a member
of the human race,
and hiding
is no longer an option.

My aging body
said it could not kneel
for a whole nine minutes,
but I asked it to, and it did.

“Now you know
what nine minutes feels like”,
a fellow next to us said,
as I remembered George Floyd,
who had no choice
about how he spent
his last nine minutes.

Like Something New

June 2, 2020

Take a vacation 
from the habits of your mind, 
and greet all that you encounter
like something new.

The Human Family

May 28, 2020

I am not a Democrat, nor a Liberal;
not a white man, nor an American.

I am sick and tired of being tugged at
by the forces of my culture
that yearn to label me
as a faceless member of their group,
proud in its difference
from every other group.

In the words of the prophet Groucho:
“I refuse to join any club
that would have me as a member”;
I am a human being,
and I am simply myself.

Let me be,
and let everyone be,
so we may become the human family,
united in our idiosyncrasies,
that we were meant to be.

Memorial Day

May 25, 2020

We are becoming a nation
of indignation.

On this day of remembrance,
let us trade our cynicism
for understanding and compassion,
so that we may become
a different kind of nation,
worthy of the lives
that have been sacrificed for it.

Learning to Float

May 25, 2020

Swimming against the tides of life
is a struggle not worth living.

Learn instead
to float with the tides,
trusting them to take you
somewhere worth going.

Nothing Needs To Happen

May 20, 2020

The most wonderful discovery
is that nothing needs to happen
for this moment 
to be perfect.

A Peaceful Mind

May 20, 2020

The secret 
to a peaceful mind 
is ignoring opinions, 
especially your own!

Spirit’s Sacred Song

May 9, 2020

I do not need the internet
to tell me how to feel,

and I don’t require a pundit
to show me what is real.

My eyes and heart are open
to what may come along,

and my mind will sing in harmony
with spirit’s sacred song.

without words

April 18, 2020

what does it take
to feel truly alive?

wherever you are,
and look around you,
and see everything
as if you’ve never
seen it before.

see it without words,
without a history
for each thing.

then you will not
be living in a story,
and life will not
be separate from you.

your life will fall away,
and you will just
be life.