Beyond the world of discovery that music has been for me, there was always the bigger world, the universe of questions about what we’re a part of, how it works, and how to best fit into the larger whole.

My love of words, a fascination with scientific, philosophical, and spiritual inquiry, and a quiet determination to learn how to be a better human (and a happier man) have led me on a path of shaping my experience, breath by breath, into poems.

Here are some of them.

one step away

18 Feb 2018

Each thought, as it passes by
in the stream of our thinking,
is like the seed of a little world,
the embryo of a pocket universe
that we could choose to live in,
if we nurtured it with our attention.

What heavens or hells do we conjure
when our thoughts run wild,
which could germinate
in the light of our regard?

How often do we remember
that we CAN choose,
in every moment,
that we are always one step away
from joy or suffering?

The Doorway

17 Feb 2018

Each uncomfortable moment
is a doorway,
a peek beyond our boundaries,
a glimpse through the cracks
between our fears.

To stand in that doorway,
and look through it,
is to see that we are bigger
than we thought we were.

To a Short-lived Friend

16 Feb 2018

You are with me now,
but you will not always be here.

I will mourn you,
but today,
I rejoice in your presence.

Alive with me
in this moment,
you are the gift
that my own life gives me
right now.

in the emptiness

16 Feb 2018

Look between your thoughts.

There is peace and aliveness
in the emptiness.


05 Feb 2018

a bright epiphany
pulls back the layers of mind,
and we are left with a profound silence,
and an abiding awareness.

These are the moments
when the universe peers out
through our eyes,
and we stand witness,
empty and alive.

The World of Form

04 Feb 2018

There is a sublime order to this world
which we can never fully see
or fully understand.

Yet we are moved
by glimpses of its essence,
inspired by its outlines,
dimly perceived
by our mortal eyes.

And so we paint
our imperfect pictures,
construct our flawed philosophies,
aspiring to the grandeur
of what is just beyond us.

Bound in this bodily realm,
we strain to see
beyond our senses,
conceive of what our minds
cannot contain.

We are cursed
by our human form,
and we are blessed
by our human spirit.


31 Jan 2018

Thank you, John!

Time is a concept
by which we measure
our gain.

I don’t believe in “better”;
I don’t believe in “worse”;
I just believe in “is”.

And if, beyond our fevered thoughts,
there is no past or future,
no yardstick to judge the present with,
then we are left with the freedom
to accept and embrace it,
with nothing to compare it to,
as the only reality
there ever is.

Interactive Fiction

27 Jan 2018

Why does the news
read like the script
of a cheap soap opera?

Why does this drama
of clashing opinions
draw us in
to this vortex of judgements,
this cauldron of conflict?

Why are we seduced
by these delicious distortions,
stoking the flames of our indignation,
stroking our sense of righteousness?

Why do we accept
the fodder we are fed
by those who would buy our attention?

Not because we seek the truth,
but because we are addicted
to living in a world,
an interactive fiction,
in which we are always right.

when we are not thinking

23 Jan 2018

We have always been more than our thoughts,
and we have always known this,
when we were not thinking.

There is so much that we know,
when we are not thinking,
that goes unnoticed in our memories,
unindexed by analysis or judgement,
unremarked in our internal conversation,
but simply lived and experienced.

We were born this way,
drinking everything in,
content to not understand,
to rejoice in life itself,
not in the story about it.

"I", the Witness

14 Jan 2018

The “me” I think I am
exists only in my memory,
a chain of thoughts
I have thought about myself.

It is a story strung together
from thought after thought,
until this train of thought
seems to solidify
into a sense of “me”,
into an object
of my experience.

How often I forget
that there is an “I”
who is witness to all this,
who sees these thoughts
come and go,
who sees everything
come and go,
each new moment,
needing no story,
no explanation.