Beyond the world of discovery that music has been for me, there was always the bigger world, the universe of questions about what we’re a part of, how it works, and how to best fit into the larger whole.

My love of words, a fascination with scientific, philosophical, and spiritual inquiry, and a quiet determination to learn how to be a better human (and a happier man) have led me on a path of shaping my experience, breath by breath, into poems.

Here are some of them.

"I", the Witness

14 Jan 2018

The “me” I think I am
exists only in my memory,
a chain of thoughts
I have thought about myself.

It is a story strung together
from thought after thought,
until this train of thought
seems to solidify
into a sense of “me”,
into an object
of my experience.

How often I forget
that there is an “I”
who is witness to all this,
who sees these thoughts
come and go,
who sees everything
come and go,
each new moment,
needing no story,
no explanation.


13 Jan 2018

What a relief,
to see that I don’t have to be
the guy I’ve been trying to be
for all my life.

I have always been simply myself,
and that is all I ever need to be.

The Little Despot

06 Jan 2018

Thinking can be useful, but it can also turn against you,
when you let it commandeer your sense of who you are:

Your mind will tell you
that it has an answer for everything,
that thinking is the best path
to knowing and understanding.

It is the little despot
that schemes to rule your consciousness,
interrupting the flow of experience
with its constant stream of analysis.

It will distract you, if you let it,
from all the little epiphanies
that come from simply listening,
simply looking, simply feeling,
and accepting the bounty
of spontaneous knowing.

The Dance

31 Dec 2017

The people in our lives
are like the air around us,
like molecules dancing
in Brownian motion.

We are all caught up
in a quantum quadrille,
temporary partners
in a grand squaredance,
brought together
and torn asunder,
jostled and pulled
by chaos and karma.

We are dancing a dance
of serendipity and tragedy,
understanding and conflict,
friends and enemies,
coming and going
in endless patterns.

It is the soup
of our experience,
with the richness of joy,
and the bitterness
of defeat.

It is this dance
that makes us alive,
with all its vicissitudes,
and all its grace.

Joy and Heartbreak

30 Dec 2017

Joy is always
just a breath away,
just as heartbreak
is always just
a heartbeat away.

All we are given
is always right before us,
to step into
and stand in,
to cherish
or ignore.

i and "me"

30 Dec 2017

The times i am happiest
are the times i am not “me”.

there are just my eyes seeing,
my ears hearing,
or my hands playing,
with no one there,
no thoughts
to guide them.

Without a history,
without a reason,
there is only a witness
to the richness of experience,
to life’s gifts,
momentary and eternal,
little and big.


27 Dec 2017

To find your true path,
stand quietly in each moment,
trust your inner knowing,
and put one foot
in front of the other.

In this time of change,
as the days grow longer,
may our hearts be open,
and our will grow stronger

To spread the dream
that suffering may cease,
to fill our world
with joy and peace.

A Sea of Peace

14 Dec 2017

Peace can easily be found
in tranquil waters,
if we allow the turbulence within
to be calmed
by the peace around it.

there is peace to be found
in turbulent waters,
if we can only look beyond them,
to the sea of peace
that surrounds them
and us, and everything.

Beyond Trying

12 Dec 2017

is the path
to a thousand failures,
and failure
is the path
to learning.

is the path
to wisdom,
which, with patience,
leads to freedom.

And I have been trying
and failing,
for so many years,
just to be myself,
only to learn
that I am only myself
when I give up trying.

God's Face

09 Dec 2017

in memory of Kerry L.

Every face
is a facet
of the face of God.

And there are faces
that shine with a special light,
a reflection of what shines
within us all.

When such a soul
passes from this world,
it is our reminder
that God’s face can be glimpsed
in every being around us,
and that we are all blessed
to be in such company.

Little Reminders

05 Dec 2017

In the course of time,
things fail.

Old cars
need new parts;
spare tires are only

Eyes grow dimmer,
limbs grow achy.

Each of these changes
can be dealt with,
one at a time,
if we can accept
the inevitability
of change.

In the end,
is temporary,
and everything
is manageable.

Moments of Grace

01 Dec 2017

we are visited by Grace,
and we glide through each moment
with peaceful ease.

we feel the sting of ego,
like a hungry insect
puncturing our serenity,
poisoning our sense
of who we are.

And always,
through all our moments
of peace or struggle,
there is that which watches,
from deep within,
ready to accept it all
with equanimity.

And that, too
(when we are moved
to watch what watches),
is Grace.

Your Crooked Smile

20 Nov 2017

Now that the breath of life has left you,
now that your bones are ash,
still your crooked smile will linger,
emblazoned in my memory,
shining in my heart.

It will be the last of you to fade,
but only when I too am gone,
along with all the others
who have known you,
loved you.

We will all be dust one day,
but, as we roam the hills and valleys
of our own allotted space and time,
there will always be the beacon
of your crooked smile.


What if there was a “news” site
that presented the rumours, opinions,
and outright lies of each day
as a quiz, with one item,
interspersed among them,
that actually happened?

Could we train ourselves
to recognize this ever-present useless,
pernicious nonsense when we see it,
if we felt motivated enough
to look for it every day?

Could we cure ourselves of the addiction
to the adrenalin rush of feeling right,
the seductive pull of affirmation bias,
if we were inspired by the possibility
of finding out the truth?

Should we wait for the prodding
of some enlightened soul’s initiative,
spoonfed for our own internet enlightenment,
or should we take it upon ourselves
to ferret out what is real, and what isn’t,
in this deluge of information
that we are nearly drowning in each day?

There are gifts
we take for granted
when they linger
from day to day.

We only see
what’s just been given,
or what has just
been taken away.

We are blinded
by the sameness
of what stays with us
by and by.

Until these gifts
are torn away,
and, in our grief,
we wonder why.

But there are those
who always see these gifts,
who see each day
with grateful eyes;
they are the ones
whose vision guides us
and they are the angels
in our lives.


07 Nov 2017

The world my mind wants
never changes.

The world I live in
always changes.

If I could choose
to change the world
or change my mind,
I would change my mind,
and not the world.

The world will always be
as it will be,
but my mind
can always be
what I choose it to be.

Simply Being

06 Nov 2017

What do I need to know
about knowing?

What do I need to think
about thinking?

What do I need
to know, or think,
to simply be?

I need nothing,
except to be,
without knowing
or thinking!

Why do we try to own
each little pain,
as if it were unique to us,
part of what defines us?

Why can’t we accept
that in the stream of life,
pleasures and pains
will jostle all of us
as they tumble by?

Why do we claim each one
as MINE,
forgetting that we swim
in the same soup
as every other being,
sharing joy and suffering
in all their forms?

Why do we hide
in the bubble of identity,
sheltered in the drama of our stories,
when there is so much comfort to be found
in what we hold in common?

Why do we not remember
the sea we were all born in,
that we always share,
even when we’re gone?


29 Oct 2017

Language is a virus
from inner space.

It infects us with the ideas
we see our world through,
coloring everything
with shades of good and bad.

It is the syntax we use
to parse what’s real,
what should be noticed or ignored,
cherished or feared.

It is the boundaries of the maze
our thoughts wander through,
always constrained
by the paths it lays before us.

But there is another kind of thought
that comes from outside language,
bursting through its viral membranes,
exploding our perceptions
into a soup of inspiration.

These are the thoughts
that cut through language like a knife,
severing old connections
so that new ones may be formed,
breeding and informing each other,
like life itself.

And so, it is through language
that we have inherited our past;
and it is through transcending it
that we may claim our future.

As I walk this earth

27 Oct 2017

As I walk this earth
as a human being,
there are things
I’ve been given,
for as long as I’m here.

I have a body,
but I am not my body.

I have a mind,
but I am not my mind,
not my thoughts,
my feelings,
my dreams,
or my fears.

I am what comes
before these,
and what lasts
beyond them.

I am life flowing,
and its grateful witness.

What I Am

22 Oct 2017

I have tried,
in this life,
to be so many different things,
always suspecting
I was just an imposter.

All of my efforts
have left this lingering doubt:
that I was not what I aspired to be.

Only in my failures
have I glimpsed this truth:
that I am only what I am,
only the awareness
that “I am”,
and nothing more.

Stripped of my pretensions,
I am once again perfect,
simple and complete,
like the day I was born.

The stories of our lives
are not our lives.

They are merely
what we tell ourselves
about moments past,
or moments that might be.

We spend our lives in these dreams,
revising and embellishing them,
like re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic,
never realizing that,
if the ship of our identity
would dissolve around us,
we would not drown!

These are the worlds we live in,
when we forget the present moment,
forgetting to be here,


09 Oct 2017

The most uncomfortable thing
about being uncomfortable
is to be uncomfortable
about being uncomfortable.

To relax into your own discomfort,
to give up your resistance,
is to be released from its tyranny.

Momentary Angels

02 Oct 2017

To love someone
or something
is to accept them totally,
exactly as they are.

It is celebrating
your connection with them,
and the subtle differences
that make them unique.

Love is accepting
that everything changes;
that the objects of our love
will eventually leave us,
in the natural flow
of living and dying.

Love is cherishing
our momentary angels,
our gifts in each moment,
without demanding more.

All That Is

01 Oct 2017

(reflections on my car and the universe)

As I walk away from my car,
thanking it for carrying me,
I pat it fondly,
does it have a spirit?

And I remember:
it is made of the same stuff
that I am,
that comprises all things.

And what else is all of this,
except spirit,
flowing in its infinite forms?

Everything we know
is just a passing cloud
from the dust of a distant singularity,
still bound,
through some spooky entanglement,
to its original spirit,
the seed of all that is.

We are all its progeny,
man and beast,
animate and inanimate,
and all of it
deserves our love
and our gratitude.

Look Up!

28 Sep 2017

When you look,

When you hear,

When you pause in your thinking,
in any particular moment,
let the world pour into you;
there will always be beauty,
and always be magic
to be found.

Look up from your thoughts,
from your distractions
and your fears,
and a universe of wonders
will reveal themselves!


25 Sep 2017

I am not the person
I was yesterday.

I am wearing his shoes,
breathing in his body,
living in his house.

These are the gifts
I walk around this world with,
but they are not me.

Each day,
as I wake up,
I am someone new.

Heir to the memories
of past days,
I am born into the present,
breathing its air,
walking its paths.

It is a world
I have never lived in,
and never will again.

It is the world
I always live in,
and always will.


22 Sep 2017

Replace your outrage
with curiosity,
and the world will be
a friendlier place.

Give up your certainty,
and a universe
of delights and comforts
will await you.

There is much in the world
that needs fixing,
but there is much
that needs to be loved,
to be valued and enjoyed,
exactly as it is.


22 Sep 2017

Love is not desire
for someone
or something.

It is being open
for giving
and receiving,
without hopes
or expectations.

Love is not wanting;
wanting is only
imagined need,
for whatever
we seem to lack.

To love truly
is to feel complete,
to celebrate
what we already have,
what we already are,
which connects us
to everyone
and everything.

how to be a friend

13 Sep 2017

I used to know
how to be a friend,
back when the story of “me”
seemed solid and definite,
a menu of how to feel,
what to expect,
how to act.

But, as I step outside this story,
observing it like snippets
of a remembered dream,
it seems slowly to crumble,
like a building made of air.

So here I stand,
without an edifice,
looking out from nothing
into nothing,
not knowing
what I should be.

Looking out into the world,
I can trust what created us
to let me be just as I am,
without a plan.

When I meet someone afresh,
I can likewise trust
this energy that binds us,
without a history,
in a moment of spontaneous creation.

So, if I met you again,
as if I had never met you,
as if there were no story,
I might discover
how to be your friend.

Standing in that common space,
we could be ourselves,
not striving for connection,
but enjoying what already is.

Embracing Emptiness

13 Sep 2017

Embracing emptiness
is not like succumbing
to nothingness.

It is cleaning the closet
of the mind,
until it is a clear space,
like an open sky
through which clouds of thought
may come and go,
without lingering,
without clutter.

It is like standing
in an open field,
inspiring in its grandeur,
and pregnant
with possibilities.

Genuine love
is remembering
that we all came
from the same place,
and that, in the end,
we will all return there.

Facing that,
all our apparent differences
pale into insignificance.

We are either all the same,
or, in our dream of separation,
we are nothing
but dust.

Stories resolve themselves;
life doesn’t.

The more we look for resolution,
the more we are disappointed.

What if the stars and planets,
as they spin around the sky,
have no more effect on our lives
than a butterfly’s breath,
half a world away?

What if this dance,
in its infinite grace,
embraces the chaos around us,
shaping our experiences,
but not limiting them?

What if each
of our predicaments
has no cause
but our fears colliding
with the quantum dance of chance,
in this infinite universe,
amongst an infinity
of universes?

What if karma, itself,
is not a mechanism,
but simply
the greatest dance
of all?

Practicing Dying

30 Aug 2017

When death finally comes,
will I be able to let go,
and say, with gratitude,
“This has been a life worth living!”?

So may I,
in each moment
from now until then,
likewise let go
of all regrets and aspirations,
and say joyfully,
“Yes, this is a life worth living!”

Our Agreement

26 Aug 2017

When we come together
to drum and dance,
it is our agreement,
unspoken among us,
to abandon our apparent differences,
and to celebrate
all that connects us.

In this sacred circle,
we agree to talk
only through our drumming,
and not with our words;
not as individuals,
but only as one being.

We agree to focus
on communicating
through our rhythms,
with which we share
this sacred space,
and not through a cell phone
(that digital garden of ego),
with those whose approval
we so habitually seek.

We agree to set aside
this sense of “me”,
if only for the moment,
and, immersed in this rhythmic communion,
to allow ourselves to melt back
to our common source,
where all there is
is “us”.

Threnody for Donald

24 Aug 2017

There are tortured souls
who, in their dream of weakness,
only torture themselves;
but there are tortured souls
who, in their dream of strength,
torture us all.

And so, as we watch a fellow human
sinking slowly into the depths
of his own depravity,
how do we name what we see?

If we watched it on Netflix, or HBO,
we would call it entertainment;
on CNN, or in the NY Times,
we call it news.

How have we come,
with so little empathy
and so little understanding,
to accept these as equivalent,
as if our worst imaginings
(delightful as they might be
in the realm of fantasy)
were acceptable as reality,
to be witnessed without complaint,
as if this were only another form
of entertainment?


22 Aug 2017

Every time I feel this urge
to grasp at something,
and I look at what
my empty hands
are trying to hold,
all I see
is emptiness.

Every sense
of “not enough,
not okay,
it must be fixed,
it can’t remain like this”,
is just a thought,
a distraction
from what is.

To let that thought go,
to relax into this moment,
is to embrace whatever
is uncomfortable within us,
and give it comfort.

The Waters We Swim In

21 Aug 2017

(A reflection on mindfulness and social media)

The most powerful question I have ever heard
is “Where are you directing your energy?”

Every word, or thought, or image
that we add to our informational soup
becomes part of this sea of ideas
that we all swim and breathe in.

And just as our oceans
become befouled
with our waste,
so does our virtual sea
grow murky and toxic
with a million tokens
of emotional violence
tossed carelessly into its depths.

And just as the Earth, our Mother,
has graced us
with this beautiful and nurturing home,
so have we been gifted,
through own brilliance,
with this digital ocean,
in which we are privileged
to share a universe
of feelings and ideas.

So, as we drift
in our little boats of identity,
there is a chance for each of us,
as we toss our minds’ progeny
into the depths around us,
to pause, and wonder,
“If this were the only thing
that comprised this sea,
would these be the kind of waters
I would choose for myself
and those I love
to swim in?”

You don’t have to like
those who seem different from you,
but you would be happier
if you did.

Your anger is only a shield
that covers your fear,
the urge to be rid of
all who seem to threaten
your sense of identity.

But it is YOU
who built this wall around you,
brick by brick,
borrowing ignorance and prejudice
from those around you,
until you see yourself only
as this wall that separates you
from the rest of humanity.

What if you refrained
from pushing away
all that you don’t understand?

And what if you refrained
from allowing your inner fears
to drive your outer behavior?

What if you began to relax your grip
on how you have shaped yourself,
and, bit by bit, shifted your focus
from how they are different from you,
to how you have made yourself
different from them?

Everything in this universe
(and perhaps beyond)
is interdependent.

There is no “thing”
that has its own existence,
apart from all others.

And there is nothing
which is not impermanent,
that can exist outside of
a constant state of change.

All that we see are the forms
that matter, energy, and thought
give rise to, in the flow of time.

Each thing we perceive
is the sum of smaller parts,
each made of smaller parts still,
going all the way down.

Each form we know
was born from an earlier form,
itself born from one earlier still,
going all the way down.

If we look for a first cause,
it is as if our Earth
were carried on the back
of a giant turtle,
itself on the back
of another giant turtle,
and so on, and so on,
all the way down.

Without these turtles,
do we have a place to stand on,
or do we need one,
as we look out,
as the eyes of the universe,
from nowhere,
into everything?

Dear Mr. President

05 Aug 2017

You can fool some of the people
all of the time,
and you can fool all of the people
some of the time,
but the more you fool yourself,
the more you, yourself,
become the fool.

The world is always new,
regardless of how we see it.

Facing the familiar,
we tend to see
what we have already seen,
like a blur of fading photos,
the differences between them
unseen, inconsequential.

What we miss
is the flow of time,
the ceaseless changes
that animate everything,
the constant shifting
of all around us
and inside us.

Why do we long
for these static, frozen images,
while life, in it’s full glory,
dances so dynamically
around us?

What We Are

02 Aug 2017

There is no such thing
as an asshole,
unless we are all assholes.

We are what we are labelled,
by ourselves and by others,
or we are pure spirit,
hidden beneath our labels.

In the world of ego,
we are separated
by our struggles to be right,
combatting all those others
who, by their very differences,
seem always to be wrong.

But in the world of spirit,
right and wrong
are only fever visions;
our separation,
just a bad dream.

Beyond these delusions,
we are the same,
in our suffering and our joy,
or we are nothing at all
but smoke,
dissipating with the wind.


31 Jul 2017

Love can be
like cool, clear water,
when it isn’t muddied
by need.

Relax your hold
on what you want to keep,
and revel in the flow,
as objects of love
come and go,
and what remains
is love itself.

All the love
we find outside ourselves
is only a mirror
of the love we are made of.

When we look back,
and see our own reflection,
then there is an end
to our search for completeness.

Us and Them

23 Jul 2017

We may all
be assholes,
and yet we are all
luminous beings!

In the land of ego,
we are always struggling
to be right,
all those Others
who are always wrong.

In the land of Spirit,
there is no right and wrong,
there is no separation.

We are the same,
in our suffering
and our joy,
or we are nothing
but smoke,
in the wind of time.

Reasons for Gratitude

19 Jul 2017

There are always reasons for gratitude,
though they are not always easy to find.

In the worst of times,
there is at least this breath,
this next moment of life,
and the ever-present promise of change,
that “this, too, shall pass”.

And there are other times,
when joy seems absent,
when we can look out
past our thoughts
and preconceptions,
past our usual awareness,
and find something,
to inspire the joy
of simply being.

Being Human

14 Jul 2017

The most important thing
about another human being
isn’t who they are;
it is how we know them
to be human.

In the world of identity,
we are only
who we think we are,
or who others think we are.

In that world,
we are merely snapshots
in each other’s minds,
images frozen
in a moment of perception,
separated from time,
seen only
through the lense
of our own identities.

But, stripped of these images,
we are all the same,
siblings in one great family,
drifting down a river
of shared experience.

The “each” of us dissolves,
as we look beneath appearances.

All of us were born
from the same place,
and we are all bound
for the same place.

We are always,
each and all of us,
sharing our suffering
and our joy.

Why We're Here

13 Jul 2017

It’s nice to believe
that we were sent here
to learn.

Or, perhaps,
we simply landed here,
with an opportunity
to learn.

Whatever its source,
to accept this gift
is to give our own lives meaning.

To reject it
is to ride the wheel of suffering,
longing for redemption,
until we die.

The World of Identity

12 Jul 2017

The most important thing
about another human being
isn’t who they are.

In the world of identity,
they are only
who they think they are,
or who you think they are.

In that world,
we are merely snapshots
in each other’s minds,
images frozen
from a moment’s perception,
separate from the flow of time,
seen only through the lense
of our own identities.

Beyond those images,
we are the same,
one giant family,
drifting down
a common river.

We are born
from the same place,
and bound
for the same place,
always sharing
our suffering
and our joy.

A Best Friend

11 Jul 2017

Become a friend to yourself,
and you will never be alone.

Give to yourself
all the love,
all the support
that you would give
to your dearest friend.

Withhold your judgements
and your blame,
as you would
for a beloved friend.

Be a source of comfort,
offering compassion
and understanding
in your darkest times.

Give yourself
what you have always hoped
someone else would give you,
and you will always be complete.

a community in rhythm

02 Jul 2017

A circle of drummers
is like a ship,
its hull,
the sounds
and the rhythms
of those within it.

At the helm,
one can nudge it
this way and that,
but it is a living thing,
always in flux,
always creating
its own shape.

It sails through the silence
on threads of expression,
a tapestry weaving itself,
flowing through time.

Each thread
is the light of one spirit
merging magically
into the whole,
a confluence,
a synergy
of symbiotic souls.

In such moments,
there are no “me”’s
and no “you”’s;
there is only
one big “us”.

These are the moments
that remind us
what a gift this is,
to come together like this,
to put our separateness aside,
and become, again,
a community
in rhythm.

A Blessing

01 Jul 2017

I bless my body,
as it blesses me.

I bless my spirit,
as it blesses me.

I bless this world,
as it blesses me.

I bless this world’s spirit,
as it blesses me.

I bless our universe,
as it blesses me.

I bless the universal spirit,
as it blesses me.

Above the Clouds

27 Jun 2017

To rise above our own opinions,
like a plane ascending
above the clouds,
is to break through
into a clear sky,
where there is nothing
but clarity and peace.

Looking down,
we see the cloudy confines
where we usually dwell,
our comfortable prison
of prejudice and judgement.

We see the hell below us;
and above us,
only sky.

Paths To Greatness

26 Jun 2017

There are people we revere
because they have done
what we never did,
succeeded in ways
we never dreamed of.

We hold them up as gods,
as members of a higher race,
separate and superior,
or, in our jealousy,
we cast them down,
like fallen angels
who sacrificed their souls
for their good fortune.

And what if they
are not different from us,
but have simply made
different choices?

Can we not see them
as our own family,
brothers from the same brood,
starting from where we started,
but graced with discovering
their special paths to greatness?

Can we not welcome them
as our beloved teachers,
pointing the ways that are open
to any of us,
and all of us?

The Narrative

22 Jun 2017

I don’t give a shit about Donald Trump.

He is merely a bump in the road,
wherever we are going.

He does not create the narrative -
we do!

Learning To Suffer

21 Jun 2017

If you relax your hold
on the rudder of your life,
you may feel the tug
of karma and chaos,
steering you swiftly
into turbulent waters.

You may feel control dissolving,
like a mirage,
as reality impinges,
through the immediacy of touch,
of sight, of hearing,
on the orderliness
of your mind’s inventions.

You may learn to open
to the nudges of experience,
both strong and subtle,
in each pregnant moment,
shattering you complacency.

You may learn to suffer,
but gently, as in your mother’s arms,
and to sail through suffering,
towards the shores of peace.

Mother Monkey

05 Jun 2017

I have an angry monkey
careening through my mind,
shouting judgements
from a forestful
of preconceptions,
excited and incensed
by the slightest stimuli.

Should I hunt him down,
or would that only increase
his frenzy?

Better to befriend him,
to offer him the calm
and the patient compassion
of a mother monkey.

What else, indeed,
does any creature need,
except the comfort of acceptance,
and the strength of being loved?


31 May 2017

is not indifference.

It is the desire
to experience life as it is,
not as we might wish it to be.

It is openness to everything,
without the need to grasp,
or push away.

It is the opposite of indifference,
which is a kind of death while living,
a blindness to all we could experience
if we enjoyed the flow of all life’s wonders
without expectation,
and without fear.

Are we born
already knowing
all we need to know
to be happy?

Were all these years I’ve spent
striving for understanding
merely a distraction,
avoiding the simplicity of being,
afraid to surrender
to what already is?

What compelled me
to build these edifices,
these walls
against the rawness
of naked truth,
when it is only my resistance
that chafes me,
not the truth itself?

Before we learned to doubt,
did not nature
nurture us completely,
absent the demons
that our restless minds conjure?

Are we not born
into paradise,
but with the power
to imagine Hell?

Can we not, then,
imagine our way
back from our fever dreams,
and back to the heaven
from which we came?

In fond memory of Fred Rogers

Do you like to be yourself
because that’s who you are?

Do you like to be yourself
because that’s just who you are?

You’re not better
than anyone else,
you’re just who you are.

You’re not so different
from anyone else,
you’re just exactly
who you are.

Do you like to be yourself
because that’s who you are?

There is no one
just like you,
and that’s just who you are!

these little glimpses

25 May 2017

How can we be complacent,
when we live in a universe like this?

We are surrounded by wonders,
sometimes hidden,
too often ignored.

To open our eyes and hearts
to the grandeur around us
is to let ourselves be overwhelmed,
carried beyond all understanding,
beyond ourselves,
beyond the little limits
of our lives.

We are tiny particles of the limitless,
destined never to grasp it whole,
but blessed to rejoice
in these little glimpses
we are given.

Kindness and Cruelty

24 May 2017

The beginning of kindness
is to notice your own cruelty.

The beginning of compassion
is to notice your own indifference.

The beginning of love
is to notice your own fear.

Nothing Is Permanent

20 May 2017

To be at peace
with change,
to allow
the coming
and going
of everything,
is to enjoy
the gift of life
as it really is.


18 May 2017

is the marriage
of music
and the meaning
of words.

It is ideas,

Gifts and Mementos

18 May 2017

At this window,
I stand in a tableau
of past relationships,
mementos of learning,
bit by bit,
how to love,
and be loved.

This cat beside me
is a token of my marriage,
my adopted second son;
at first unwanted,
he has grown in my heart
to be part of my family,
a trusted companion.

Beside him sits an instrument,
a gift of music
that recalls the warmer moments
of a tumultuous romance,
many years past,
its bell tones recalling
the harmony and understanding
we were able to share,
within brief islands
of calm.

Beneath them is a table,
left, as she moved on
toward a new life
(and away from our entanglement),
by a loving friend.

Above us,
a set of delicate chimes
tinkle gently,
singing the spirit
of another beloved one,
now gone from this world;
its soft melodies,
like drifting smoke,
are my inheritance,
my remembrance.

Each of these
is another token of love
tried, failed, or fading
with time.

Standing here,
amidst these reminders,
I see how much reaching for love
has shaped my life,
and how, with its grace,
I will continue to learn
how to give it,
and how to receive.

Almost a Witness

14 May 2017

There has been an accident,
ahead on the highway,
which, for me,
is simply a delay.

Here in my car,
for two hours now,
my discomfort grows -
I am tired and hungry,
and I need to pee.

But what, I wonder,
happened up ahead?

Are all these emergency vehicles,
sirens Dopplering past,
lights blinking in the near distance,
tending to the victims
of something much worse
than my own inconvenience?

What drama
interrupted my peaceful ride,
but interrupted the lives
of people I will never know
in ways beyond
what I can imagine?

Finally, I am released
from my impatience,
as I pass a tableau
of mangled metal,
the scattered carcasses of cars,
the occupants (if they still live)
long taken from the scene.

How would I feel
if I lingered here,
slowed down
by morbid curiosity,
contemplating the fates
of these people
I don’t see?

How strange,
to brush by the edge of this,
only dimly aware
of the horror of it.

How blasé we are,
sailing through our lives,
mostly blind to all the little tragedies
and personal disasters around us,
until they are thrust
directly in front of us,
and we are forced to look.

In the flow of life

12 May 2017

The magic of a painting
(or a photograph)
is how it seems
to make time stop,
freezing a moment
in this river of change.

In the flow of life,
time seems always
to forge ahead,
leaving us behind
as we contemplate
what just happened,
for what will happen next.

How pleasant, then,
for memory’s tableaus
to be spread out before us,
as so many works of art,
objective artifacts
of our experience,
spread out for our perusal,
at our leisure,
as if time did not flow
at all.

And if it didn’t,
what would it feel like
to be alive,
as if in a museum,
a tribute to life,
a monument,
but not in the flow
of life itself?

The world giveth,
and the world taketh away,
in ways both big and small.

It is filled
with random carelessness,
and random kindness,
exquisitely balanced,
if we are willing
to accept them both.

I strolled the park,
relaxing in the cool night air.

And along came a boy,
racing on his bike behind me,
warning me too late,
not able to avoid me.

Grazing past me,
his bike scraped across my wrist,
leaving a small red wound,
and an otherwise bare wrist.

Where were my treasured watch
(with a calculator and stopwatch built in!)
and the prayer beads
given to me in kindness,
blessed by a Buddhist teacher?

Scattered in the brush,
I found the remnants of both,
watch strap ripped beyond repair,
the prayer beads mostly gone.

The little pains of loss
were stronger than the stinging of my skin,
until, with some reflection,
I could simply let go
of blame and indignation,
and wanting what I no longer had.

I will never know who it was
who carelessly deprived me
of these two cherished things,
and, as I let them go,
I find that it’s okay.

And so, on a new day,
I am sitting in another park,
writing and relaxing,
on another beautiful night.

As I sit,
a woman approaches,
and, in a kindly, exotic voice,
asks if I would like her pizza,
which she could not finish.

Box in hand, I take it home,
to share it with my son.

Hot from the oven,
the smell of herbs and garlic
permeating the house,
I luxuriate
in what is, perhaps,

I will never know who it was
whose kindness
brought us this little feast,
or where the best pizza in the world
could be found again,
and, upon reflection,
that is okay,
as well!


01 May 2017

Why does change
amaze and confuse us,
sometimes fill us
with discomfort
and fear?

Is it because
what we see before us
refuses to match
the pictures
we hold so tightly
in our minds?

What stubborn perversity
keeps us glued
to yesterday’s images,
while life’s immediacy
plays out in front of us?

What futile hope of comfort
persuades us
to ignore life’s challenges
and its joyous surprises
in favor of a certainty
which is only imagined?


27 Apr 2017

Across the river,
I see nothing,
only mist,
as if the city
in the world I know
has floated off,
or slipped away,
out of this dimension.

And slowly,
like a painting,
growing before me,
little points of light appear,
poking through the veil of darkness,
details of being, hints of solidity
slipping back
into this world.

In this ebb and flow
of light and darkness,
only my memory
can see the familiar,
the cityscape
that my mind
has always known.

And, as I watch,
form and light
fade in and out,
in a slow and subtle dance
across the horizon.

Forgetting what I know,
letting memory’s vision fade,
all I see before me
is magic.

A parent's Prayer

26 Apr 2017

My hope for you
is not that you become
who I think
you should be.

Although I helped you
to come into this world,
it is up to you
to find your own way in it.

I have done my best
to keep you safe
until your own instincts
can protect and guide you.

My hope for you,
as you build a future
for yourself,
is that you greet it
as the gift it is,
and that you grow to be
the happiest,
most fulfilled person
you are willing
and able to be.

My little aches and pains
remind me,
at the end of the day,
what I could have avoided doing,
but chose to do, instead.

These little aches and pains
are the price my body paid
for being who I want to be,
each day,
as entropy ticks out
the minutes, days, and years
of my life.

These little aches and pains
awaken me, some days,
reminding me of the choice
that every day offers me.

These little aches and pains
admonish me
that each day is a gift,
that it is not
to be taken for granted.

These little aches and pains
remind me
of another day
worth living.

In the Mirror

21 Apr 2017

As I look in the mirror
with an open heart,
as if at another human being,
I can see myself
without my story,
or my incessant thoughts.

I see someone
vibrant and alive,
shaped by their past,
grounded in the present,
and emboldened to step forward
into their own future.

Your Selves

17 Apr 2017

When you hear yourself
being critical of yourself,
you may ask yourself:
who are these selves,
and why must they bicker
amongst themselves
inside my brain?

What if they spoke
with kindness and respect,
or ceased to speak at all?

What if you, yourself,
ceased to listen,
withdrawing your interest
and your belief in them
(which are the fuel
that gives them form),
and you let them fade,
bit by bit,
into vapor,
into nothingness?

To Listen

17 Apr 2017

In a circle of rhythm,
it is not
the most skillful players
who contribute the most;
it is those who listen
most deeply.

To listen
with open ears,
an open heart,
and an empty mind
is to join the flow
by following it,
to become a strong
and steady thread
within it,
to guide it,
without leading.

Touched by grace,
such a circle
becomes an organism,
a community of beings
with no leaders,
and no followers,
only co-creators.

Its song
becomes a mirror
of the song of nature,
self-organizing and brilliant,
like the emergent beauty
of a flock of birds,
painting their patterns
across the sky.

Without Silence

16 Apr 2017

is a series of sounds,
Separated by silence.

Without silence,
all sound would run together,
into a soup of chaos,
lacking form
or pattern.

Without silence,
there would be no music
to enliven us
and soothe us.

Without emptiness,
we would have no canvas
to create on.

There are two approaches
to viewing our human experience:
how foolishly we deal with the challenges of life,
or how difficult and painful it is to face change.

If we could see these as the same,
perhaps we could appreciate
life’s true complexity,
with a bit less judgement,
and a bit more compassion.

Room for All of Us

12 Apr 2017

There was a woman on the train
who swatted out at me
like an angry sibling,
scolding me for my largeness,
as I relaxed in the space around me.

Why did I sprawl in the available space,
my shoulder bag beside me,
my elbow jutting over the seat behind me,
when I could have shrunken myself,
as it might behoove us,
the civilized subway riders of the city,
to do?

Why did I not shrink at her reproach,
shamed at my transgression
of the rule she lived by?

Is it my sense of freedom,
my feeling of belonging,
that I also share the right to be here,
that, if I respect the needs of others,
I can include my own needs and comfort
as well?

Is there not room for all of us,
when we jettison our judgements,
release the myth of competition,
and share the world we built around us
as the gift it is?

Where God is hiding

10 Apr 2017

The story of Jesus,
profound and beautiful,
has been an inspiration
to countless souls
across the millennia.

If, perhaps,
it is not the literal truth,
certainly it can teach us
our true potential,
the promise of finding the god
within us all.

And surely
all the stories
of all of our prophets,
in all of our history,
all of our cultures,
have pointed to this same place,
where God is hiding,
waiting to be found,
ready to be found
in everything.

the lens of media

10 Apr 2017

It is not the news
of what actually happens
which weighs us down.

It is the endless commentary,
reactions and opinions,
ad infinitum,
which overwhelm us,
feeding our fear,
our anger and despair.

In the light of reason,
we can manage in this world.

In the lens of media,
we are near to burning up
in its intensity.

Losing My Mind

06 Apr 2017

I am losing my mind,
day by day,
layer by layer,
as thoughts peel away.

One thought at a time,
in the light of day,
grows light as a feather,
and does not stay.

As it floats downstream
in the slightest breeze,
I am left empty,
my spirit at ease.

There was a time
when we stood proud and secure,
certain in our rightness.

We floated in a bubble of invulnerability,
isolated from the perils of the world.

Until our luck ran out,
and our fantasies were punctured.

And how have we coped,
these long years,
with this hard-won knowledge,
that we do not live in the world
that we think we made?

For many,
it has been a journey
of deeper denial.

For others,
it was an awakening,
brutal but necessary.

For the willing,
it is a lesson in uncertainty,
a prod to find the middle way
between hope and despair.

And all these years later,
if we have not lost our dreams,
perhaps, in the light of day,
they have been transmuted.

As we relinquish our fantasies
of our world as we think it is,
or as it should be,
there is a path that opens.

Perhaps, as we accept what is,
we can move on,
sobered by our seeing,
inspired by our vision
of what it could be,
and what we can do,
if we are willing to change it.


01 Apr 2017

When I am HERE
I don’t know
how old I am.
When I am HERE
I don’t know
what I’ve done.

When I’m HERE
I don’t know
what I should be doing.
When I’m HERE
I don’t know
what I should say.

When I’m HERE
there is only
empty space before me,
right here,
where I am,
inviting me on.

is the
Most Important Moment
of your life.

Embrace it!

Let go of your past,
forget the future,
and dive into presence,

What the mind can do

30 Mar 2017

What can the mind do
when it isn’t thinking?

It can throw open
the shutters of the world,
drinking in its sights,
its sounds and feelings,
breathing in its energy,
luxuriating in the richness
of each moment.

It is either the narrator
of its own story,
aggrieved or triumphant,
or it is the grateful witness
of this world’s bounty.

True conversation

30 Mar 2017

A true conversation
is not merely when two people talk;
it is when they talk and listen.

It is when each one
is at least as interested
in what the other has to say,
as in what they have to say

A Clear Sky

30 Mar 2017

is like a clear sky,
pure and cloudless.

We may experience it
in the gaps
between our cloudy thoughts,
our dreams of identity,
fear, and craving.

And we may widen those gaps,
through patient concentration,
seeing what obscures them
as the phantoms they are.

Most likely,
we will never see that cloudless sky
in its pristine entirety,
but we can be blessed
by the taste of it,
and the grace of knowing
it is there.


23 Mar 2017

What if you stepped into each moment
like a new country,
attuned to its uniqueness,
drinking in its sights and sounds?

Revelling in its differences,
you would sidestep the familiar,
grateful and eager for newness.

What if we traveled through our lives
as we would travel the world,
always moving,
with welcoming excitement,
into a foreign land?

Monkey mind

21 Mar 2017

Sometimes my mind roams
like a restless animal,
darting from thought to thought
in a frenzy of unease.

Seeking calm,
I try to quiet it,
to reign it in
like an unruly child.

And all my effort
only feeds resistance,
my thoughts running faster
as I chase after them.

Until I find the patience
of a loving guardian,
allowing my monkey mind its freedom,
watching with compassion
as it winds its way down to silence,
and rests peacefully
beside me.

I am the witness

08 Mar 2017

As long as I am a human
walking on this earth,
there are things I have been given,
for as long as I am here.

I have this body,
but I am not this body;
I have this mind,
but I am not this mind.

I am not my thoughts,
or my feelings;
my dreams,
or my fears.

I am what came before them,
and will last beyond them.

I am the flow of life,
and its joyful witness.

A Prayer of Gratitude

06 Mar 2017

In this moment,
I am alive,
and awake,
drinking in the richness
that life presents to me.

I accept this gift,
with gratitude,
humble and amazed
at life’s bounty.


05 Mar 2017

Often, I awaken
in the middle of the night,
convinced there is something
I must do,
some complicated pathway
back to sleep.

I awaken from a dream,
a half-formed plan
receding from memory,
some urgency
that my dream self
would not abandon.

All these diversions
lure me away
from peace and rest,
towards goals
not understood,
not wanted,
or needed.

And often,
in the light of day,
I am likewise assailed
by waking dreams,
a myriad of imagined pursuits,
a million distractions
from the simple pleasures
of being.

from this daylight dream,
I taste the fulness
of the moment,
a perfection
that takes no effort
to attain.

in the world of flesh and blood,
there are always itches to be scratched,
holes to be filled;
fears to be quelled,
urges to be satisfied.

in the world of spirit,
these are only flimsy dreams,
fleeting images,
coming and going
in the flow of time.

They are mirages,
shadows cast by clouded vision,
seen into existence
by the stubborn persistence of thinking.

In the world of presence,
they will quickly fade,
dissolving into the light.


25 Feb 2017

(in memory of Larry Coryell,
best friend of one of my best friends)

Why do we wait
to feel our love
for so many people
(only in retrospect,
when they have left the Earth)
until they die?

Why does it take missing them
to value what they have given us?

It would be better, each day,
to stop and consider
who give us joy and comfort,
and return their gift,
while they can still enjoy it,
with gratitude.

Looking back across 65 years
of days and moments
mostly not remembered
there are threads
I have woven stories out of
flavors I have tasted
which linger on the palate
like a fading banquet of memory.

There has been drama
and joy
reasons for doubt
and reasons for rejoicing.

The meaning of it all escapes me
when I trace the paths
as details in a narrative
and the stories dissolve
into shadows of experience
and so much smoke.

There has been some pinnacle
I searched for
some peak of understanding
but looking back
and looking forward
all I see
is a clear and empty sky.

Standing here at this crossroad
all I know for certain
is that I have arrived here
on this day
and grateful.

We are always standing at a crossroad,
between what we believe
has shaped us,
and what we believe
is possible.


20 Feb 2017

Water flows,
as winds,
and currents,
and tides,
and the pull of the Earth
guide it onward.

How simple
it would be
if we flowed
that effortlessly,
following awareness
where it leads.

The Sea, and "I"

13 Feb 2017

After this body dies,
will “I” continue on?

Perhaps this consciousness
which sees through my eyes
is like a drop of water,
separated for a while
from its mother,
the sea.

When it returns,
dissolving back
into its original home,
will it retain
the thoughts and stories
that are “me”?

Or will it all melt away,
yielding its identity
to the universal?

This is my prayer:
if I am but a drop
in this ocean,
may I do what I can,
while I remain in this body,
to purify this bit of water
that is me,
this little piece of Everything,
which is my lasting gift.

Resting In Emptiness

09 Feb 2017

I have been living in a dream
where I am always on the verge
of being right
or being wrong,
walking the razor’s edge
of triumph,
or disaster.

And then,
as I awaken,
it all blows away,
like so much smoke,
and I am resting,
in emptiness.

What I Leave Behind

07 Feb 2017

There will come a time
when I am dead and gone,
and all that will remain of me
are the memories I leave behind.

As I sit at this keyboard,
on the shore of a digital sea,
I pause, like a castaway,
as I toss my bits and bytes
into these streams and tides of data,
and consider:
is THIS how I would choose
to be remembered?

Hearts and Bones

06 Feb 2017

There’s a skeleton
inside each of our bodies,
and an angel
in each of our hearts.

The Perfect Wave

04 Feb 2017

With much gratitude
to Venerable Amy Miller

Life can feel
like an angry sea,
wave upon wave
throwing us onward,
across its roiling surface.

And what if we could meet each wave
as would a happy surfer,
greeting it as the perfect wave,
offering the ride of a lifetime?

What would we balance on,
on the surfboard of our dreams,
if not the openness of our hearts,
and the fearless intention
of our minds and spirits?

I Am Nothing

30 Jan 2017

Empty and open,
I am nothing
I thought I was,
nothing I could be,
or should be.

I am nothing
but an empty canvas
for life’s brush
to paint on,
a blank slate
for its song
to be sung,
its dance
to be danced.

Without Trying

25 Jan 2017

I am not the person
I may be expected to be.

Peeling away the layers
of who I am not,
the urge to please
and appease
slowly drop away.

I have tried
to smooth my edges
to fit the shapes
I thought
my world wanted.

I did not see
that my map of it
was of my own imagining,
that what truly fits
into its shifting tapestry
is itself constantly changing,
part of its flow.

There is a place
in this big world
for everything
to be what it is,
to find its own shape,
fluid and dynamic,
without trying
to be otherwise.

Looking Back

18 Jan 2017

Looking back
with a clear and open mind,
I see the little flies of anger
that have buzzed around me
for most of this life.

I have been mad at the world,
frustrated by a million minutiae
that fell short of my expectations,
the little slights and omissions
that did not meet my standards.

How silly it now seems,
to have spent so much energy and time
on a thousand little battles with them,
when, from a place of truer seeing,
I know that they were merely imagined,
figments of a fevered ego,
a petulant dictator,
foiled at every turn.

How much more peaceful now,
how much more full of joy,
to be in this world as it is,
that old swarm of petty annoyances
fading into so much smoke.

What Is Possible

16 Jan 2017

I walked on the moon. What can’t you do?

Eugene Cernan

We are rarely constrained
by what has happened,
as much as by
what we believe
is possible.

Bad and Good

16 Jan 2017

Nothing is entirely bad,
Or entirely good.

All we ever see
are the mind’s snapshots,
momentary glimpses
in a river of change,
filtered through our fears,
and hopes,
and assumptions..

Joy and suffering,
wanted and unwanted,
are part of a flow,
morphing and merging
as event follows event,
perception follows perception.

All we ever know
is that we are alive
and free to choose
in this moment,
free to look anew,
free to act.

Before Fear

14 Jan 2017

In our direst dreams,
we descend into hell,
and in our sweetest,
we ascend to heaven.

But still,
as we dream,
buffeted by fear and hope,
we remain where we are,
not where imagination leads us,
but where dreams subside,
and we come to rest,
before hope,
and before fear.

As I sit

13 Jan 2017

As I sit,
I am what fills me.

I am the candle,
glowing in the dark,
I am the flickering flame,
I am the dancing shadow.

I am everywhere
and nowhere,
into what I see.

I am the seeer
and the seen,
and the space between.


10 Jan 2017

Some of our wounds
become covered
with bandaids of distraction,
which shield,
but do not heal.

when inspiration and courage strike,
the bandage is ripped away,
exposing what is raw and tender

The air stings,
and the light burns,
as the pain, exposed,
flows out,
and away.

It is that moment of violence
against our own defenses
which frees us,
so that time
can heal us.


08 Jan 2017

paints its portraits
on everything,
etching into every surface,
layer upon layer,
the jagged edges of each moment
bleeding one into another,
telling stories
of coming and going,
birth and decay,
being and change.


03 Jan 2017

is how we acknowledge
the serendipity of our being here,
and that we continue,
moment by moment,
to recognize this gift,
this daily miracle,
this opportunity
to share what we are
and what we’ve been given.

The Way Forward

02 Jan 2017

Do not look back with regret
At what you haven’t done.

Look forward, instead,
At what moves you to action,
And let go of the rest.

A New Year

02 Jan 2017

Today we begin
our next trip
around the sun.

Part of our path
is laid out before us,
the momentum
of planets and particles,
people and plans.

All the rest is a cloud
of Brownian motion,
a million choices,
seen and unseen,
taken and not taken.

As we weave our way
through the web ahead,
may we see, all the while,
something in the distance
worth finding,
and, step by mindful step,
make our way towards it..

Without Resistance

29 Dec 2016

To be comfortable
with discomfort,
to be unafraid of fear,
to not be sad
about sadness
is to live in your own skin
without resistance,
allowing your life
to be the beautiful play
that it is.

What Was Hidden

29 Dec 2016

is discarding who we think we are,
who we think we ought to be,
and seeing what remains.

There is nothing to discover,
only an uncovering
of what was hidden.

And the one who sees all this
is who we always were,
always will be.

With Gratitude to Pema Chodron:

Negative thoughts
are the little burps and farts
of the mind.

are the little orgasms
of the spirit.

We are born of Spirit,
with no shape,
like a blob of light.

As we walk through the world,
tourists in its worldy culture,
we collect its spare parts,
forming a frame around us,
a shield from threat and rejection,
held together with wire and tape,
the hope of being accepted.

It is like driving through life
in a junkyard car,
forever plugging the gaps
with rationalizations and deceptions,
ignoring the rattles and shakes
of encroaching entropy.

And there may come a time
when we grow weary
with the strain of grabbing
at its decaying seams,
and release our hold,
allowing time’s arrow to guide us,
the wisdom of falling apart,
to be naked once again.

This Perfect Moment

19 Dec 2016

In this perfect moment,
wanting nothing,
remembering nothing,
planning nothing,
I am boundless.

In this perfect moment,
I disappear,
becoming all
I experience.

Obscured By Clouds

19 Dec 2016

We are luminous beings,
obscured by clouds.

Too often,
the clouds become our world,
the props in our drama,
fears and hopes made real,
cloaking our light.

We are spirit and energy,
caked with the dust
of old ideas,
ossified by the rituals
of our stories.

To bore through this artifice
with the drill of attention,
mindfulness’s patient practice,
is to break free,
bursting into brilliance,
whole once more.

A Forest of Sadness

08 Dec 2016

There is a forest of sadness
I wander in from time to time,
stumbling, surprised,
upon its winding ways,
long hidden in forgetfulness,
tucked away beyond the well-worn paths
of the everyday, the familiar.

There is comfort
in its sombre embrace,
a peaceful acquiescence
to pain long past,
a gentle hug of empathy,
a breath of courage
to move on.


17 Nov 2016

All too often,
when emotions swamp us,
we swim in a soup
of fear and anger,
careening off each other
like billiard balls,
in wild trajectories
of upset and judgement.

Strangled by ego,
tangled by myopia,
our paths of right and wrong
veer randomly away
from the simple path
of understanding.

From our common source,
we stray into a tangled jungle
of opinions and indignation,
a thicket of division.

How easily we forget,
when pride consumes us,
the common source
we came from:
we are one family,
one mind.


12 Nov 2016

There is something in the human mind
that longs for simplicity,
searching always
for two sides:
good and evil,
right and wrong,
liberal and conservative.

Nuance is the enemy
of emotional thinking,
dissolving righteous anger
into calm and clarity,
scattering our clouds of outrage
into fading wisps
of unease and confusion.

At the core of our suffering
is the fear of uncertainty,
the niggling doubt
that nothing
and no one
can be pinned down.

To acknowledge this,
to accept it as our own,
is to give up blame,
to see ourselves and others
as we really are.

There are no liberals,
or conservatives,
there are only people.

What We Are

09 Nov 2016

Another Postscript to the Election:

Now is the time to be strong,
to look inside
for what does not depend
on outside circumstance,
for that which does not change
as life’s calamities
and disappointments
roll past us,
that which is beyond fear or hope,
that which is eternal and inherent,
which cannot be diminished,
because that is what we are.

a different world

09 Nov 2016

A Postscript to the Election:

I awoke today
in a different world,
where common sense
and common decency
seem to be devalued,
by hatred
and fear.

Is this a new world order,
or is it merely the old one
laid bare?

Have we been blind
to the darkness
bubbling beneath
our blanket of civility,
seeing only the surface
of what we espouse?

Awakened from our dream,
we have reason to despair.

Or we can dig deeper,
the ugliness
and the grace
inside us all,
to build a new dream,
grounded in the truth
of who we are,
and begin the long walk
out of this darkness.

Want and Fear

25 Oct 2016

I have wanted things
that weren’t real,
and feared things
that weren’t real,
as well.

I have felt unease
that triggered thoughts
of longing,
of distrust,
or hope,
or dread.

have I lived so long
in a world
of my own making,
so often blind
to the truths outside,
in my own imaginings?

How do we all
live so alone,
inside our little universes,
hoping there is
a bigger world outside,
but afraid to find out?

Breaking Through

25 Oct 2016

We are born big,
born of Spirit,
and we have always known this.

Born into little bodies,
we learn to think small,
becoming less than we were
(and we have always known that).

Straining at our boundaries,
we yearn for more,
as if there were a greater world
(which we have always known).

Exploring the borders
of our own conceptions,
we break through;
we are home,
in a place we have always known.


09 Oct 2016

build the pathways
that our thoughts can follow,
and our thoughts,
with time,
create our experience.

Who am I?

09 Oct 2016

Who am I?

I am the invisible,
who sees the visible.

I am the intangible,
who feels the touch
of the tangible.

I am the silence,
who hears
what can be heard.

Where I Live

09 Oct 2016

As I strive
to stay connected
with this web I live in,
caught up
in the give and take
of information,
the creature I think of
as “my cat”
jumps up on my laptop,
claiming it
as his temporary home,
content to be
the center
of my attention.

Cut off from reports
of recent happenings,
to communicate my views,
I am nailed to this moment,
contemplating this being
who shares my home,
and reminds me,
time and again,
to live
in the present.

When galaxies collide

09 Oct 2016

When galaxies collide,
is there chaos,
or is there union?

In the short run,
there is chaos;
in the long run,

And so,
when two people
join their lives,
pulled by attraction,
then, as they commingle,
there are a million moments
of conflict and confusion,
slowly dissolving,
with the winding down of entropy,
as their differences dissolve.

As the progeny
of this union,
I am cursed
and blessed,
sorting out
the subtle differences,
befuddled and amazed,
aghast and grateful,
at this evolution
of being.

What we see

09 Oct 2016

As we look out at the world,
how much of what we see
is blurred and clouded
by the artifacts of seeing?

Through the mind’s eye,
filtered and quantized,
do we only see
what we expect,
or can understand?

Do we look
as through a scanner,
filling in
each missing pixel
with memory,
hope, or fear?

Or can we look more deeply,
seeing how we see,
the forest and the trees,
the picture and the pixels?

Only through this inner eye
can we learn to see
both worlds,
the world inside,
and the world around us.

What I Am

09 Oct 2016

I am not my name,
or how I got here,
or who I think I am.

Without my mind’s
I am a point
of consciousness,
in space and time,
a tiny lense
the universe
peers through,
like a facet
of an insect’s eye,
a neuron
in a Greater Mind.

Like every living being,
I am a pulse
of awareness,
an atom
in a matrix
of infinite light.

To Believe

09 Oct 2016

To believe
in a noble dream
is to imagine
with commitment.

To believe in peace
will not make it so,
but it will set a path
towards it.

To believe in love
is to walk on that path,
practicing its way,
secure in its intention.

To Be Empty

09 Oct 2016

Empty and alone,
I stare at the flickering flame,
shadows dancing on the wall.

Thoughts roll in,
dark and heavy,
filling the emptiness,

Then they slip away,
and the emptiness opens,
light and expansive.

This ebb and flow,
like breathing
in and out,
is the mind’s song,
the rhythm
of this human

Through That Lense

09 Oct 2016

When someone
who has touched us
with their love
is gone,
it is our gift,
and our duty,
to carry that with us,
and see the world,
whenever we can,
through that lense.

That is how
we honor them,
and ourselves.

Thinking and Doing

09 Oct 2016

To think about doing something
and to actually do it
are two different worlds.

First, there is the conversation,
sometimes endless,
about pros and cons,
and then there is
the simple act of doing.

When the conversation falls away,
action flows effortlessly,
as if energy and skillfulness
are what we swim in,
when we awaken to it.

The Virus and the Web

09 Oct 2016

The world we each live in
is made of everything
we see and hear.

Clamoring for attention,
ideas and images,
opinions and fantasies
assault us,
laced with joy or despair,
desire or anger,
for a central place
in our awareness.

And so,
we become infected
with the inner life of others,
a virus that circles our globe,
within this web
that grows around us.

Seduced by its power,
we forget to look in front of us
or inside ourselves -
a direct experience
of what is real and true.

And when we do look,
in the equanimity
of that peaceful place,
THAT is the best time
to plant our own seeds,
the viruses that heal!

The tree
outside my window
is not the same.

Has time replaced it
with another tree,
or is this simply life,
playing out before me?

The purpose of meditation
is not to become better.

It is spending time
not trying to change,
accepting what you are,
what you think,
what you feel,
without judgement
or complaint.

It is becoming
a compassionate observer,
befriending yourself,
and all your little selves,
enfolding them
in kind acceptance,
embracing them,
with all their little fears,
in the arms of love.

If the person
you think you are
isn’t real,
feel free to sacrifice him,
like so much smoke,
like forgetting a dream.

Abandoning who you aren’t,
nothing is left,
except what you are.

The perfect teacher

09 Oct 2016

A cat
is the perfect teacher -
you can expect nothing from him.

What he gives,
or receives,
is the truest gift,
to be savored,
and then released,
like a leaf

The One Who Sees

09 Oct 2016

As you observe yourself,
from mood to mood,
the sea
you appear to swim in
may change,
and the swimmer
may appear to change,
but there is always
the one who sees,
beyond these changes.

The Ocean Inside

09 Oct 2016

Poised with grace,
gliding effortlessly
along its surface,
you flow with the wave,
without being of it.

Perfectly balanced,
its power propels you,
its energy is yours,
as long as you ride it.

But, to fight it
is to fall
from its grace,
into the turbulence
beneath it.

In the roiling mess
inside it,
you will tumble wildly,
and broken.

To trust in its power,
abandoning resistance,
is to be free
of its violence.

The buddha in me

09 Oct 2016

I have seen glimpses
of the buddha in me.

an ancient teaching,
sent through the ages
by the kindness
of countless caring souls,
pries me open,
illuminating the darkness
of my mind’s worst imaginings.

And sometimes,
the light of this world
peaks through my ruminations,
splashing the colors
of life’s abundance
across my inner shadows.

These are gifts
not to be taken for granted,
not as rewards bestowed,
but as part of nature’s bounty,
free to be discovered.

I am grateful
for this chance to look.

The Blue Dot

09 Oct 2016

My memories and expectations,
my opinions of myself
and the world around me,
are like a Google map
of my life.

I am the blue dot
in the middle of it all,
the nexus of motion,
always changing.

The bigness

09 Oct 2016

We mostly live In bubbles
of our own imaginings,
little worlds
of story,
and fear.

When that membrane
that protects and isolates
touches the big world,
something resonates,
or buzzes with alarm.

We shrink,
hardening our skin,
sinking further
into separateness,
or we expand,
letting in
the bigness,
bit by bit.

Somewhere to be

09 Oct 2016

There is nothing
to become.

To peal away
the layers
of thought and story,
of fear and regret,
is to reveal
what was hidden,
the being
that always was,
and always is.

There is nowhere
to go,
only the discovery
of where
we already are.


09 Oct 2016

Why does a rainbow
seem to signify
how beautiful
the world is?

How easily
we forget,
but how simply
we can remember!


09 Oct 2016

The mind
is our tool
for finding
what’s missing,
what’s wrong,
what needs fixing.

it seeks problems;
its thoughts -
the weapons
to vanquish them.

As it seeks and seeks,
it will find a problem
it cannot fix -
the busyness
of its own thinking,
the endless chain
of healing
the wounds
it has thought
into existence.

And it may see
its own complicity
(creating the obstacles
that stand in the way
of seeing),
and, in a moment of grace,
it may stand aside,
allowing us a glimpse
of our own perfection.

Our path

09 Oct 2016

Every experience
is a gift.

It is our choice
to receive it
with gratitude,
or indifference.

This is how
we choose our path,
creating each step
as we go.


09 Oct 2016

The less you worry
about opinions,
(especially your own)
the freer you will be!


09 Oct 2016

Our myths are our striving
to explain the inexplicable.

Craving understanding,
we build mechanisms of magic,
make miracles out of the mundane.

But what if everything that is
IS magical,
and each moment of life
a miracle?

Abandoning our stories,
is it not more glorious
to stand in wonder,
sinking deeper into mystery,
the more we look?

My Vehicle

09 Oct 2016

I have an old car -
it gets me
where I need to go,
without incident.

it has dents on the outside,
door handles and windows
that don’t work.

It is full of quirks
and noises.

It gets me
where I need to go,
without incident,
and I am grateful.

I have a body
which has known
younger years.

It was leaner,
and more nimble.

It loses energy,
and needs more sleep.

It wakes me up,
with minor aches and pains,
and the urge to pee.

It is the vessel
my spirit drives around in.

It gets me
where I need to go,
without incident,
and I am grateful.


09 Oct 2016

is what the mind sounds like
when it isn’t thinking.

It is the yang
to the yin
of silence.


09 Oct 2016

In our minds,
is a form of energy.

We can trade it
for a bigger something,
a sexier something,
a more secure something,
a more respected something.

It becomes the air we breath,
the drug that sustains us,
the wall that protects us
from the fear
that we are not complete
as we are.


09 Oct 2016

is allowing

to survive
is not living.

The greatest joy
with the least

leaves in a stream

09 Oct 2016

Our bodies sail through life
like leaves in a stream.

They float with it
because they are
not separate from it.

They are part of the stream,
but in a different form.

And who rides along,
seeing this flow,
often afraid
that we cannot control it?

What stream of thoughts
do we also ride on,
likewise powerless
to control them?

We are the pilots,
spirits riding energy,
but mostly we watch,
and, in moments
of epiphany,
we may nudge ourselves
into a different flow.

In this sea of uncertainty,
we are only guaranteed
this moment.

To savor it,
with gratitude,
is to be fully alive.


09 Oct 2016

Most ignorance
stems from the lack
of opportunity
or inspiration
to learn.

But surely,
it is the truly stupid
who cherish
their own ignorance,
protecting it,
as if it were
their own identity.

I am the witness

09 Oct 2016

I am not my history,
I am the witness.

I am not the beauty I see,
I am the witness.

I am not what I create,
I am the witness.

I am all of these things,
and none of them.

I am the witness.

I am not my dreams,
and I am not my fears,
I am the witness.


09 Oct 2016

Do not expect others
to heal your wounds;
they are just as wounded
as you are.

Better to show yourself
for who you are,
wounds and all,
and accept what comfort
there is
in simply sharing.


09 Oct 2016

To delight in fantasy
is to give shape
to our imagination,
manifested in the world.

To savor reality
is to let the richness of the world
take shape in our minds,
infusing us.

To confuse the two
is to wander lost,
blind to the gifts
of each realm,
forever groping
for a world that isn’t.


09 Oct 2016

is just the mind’s defense,

a mechanism
to protect ourselves
from each other;

imagining differences
between us,

afraid to acknowledge
how we are the same.

It is the voice that says:
“I will not let THAT asshole know
that I am, perhaps,
an asshole, too!”.

But, in moments of grace,
there is another voice,
stripped of conceit,
that says:
“Yes, you are human,
as I am, too”.


09 Oct 2016

Well fed,
well rested,
and reasonably safe,
an animal is content.

But we,
with infinite imagination,
can find a million things to want,
a million things to fear.

What drives us,
in our fevered minds,
to conjure a world
so lacking,
and so fraught,
when we could be resting
in the serenity
of enough?


09 Oct 2016

The seed of any emotion
is simply energy.

It takes root
in the soil
of memory,
and grows
with the water
of attention.

If it is not nurtured
with continued attention,
it will simply wither,
and pass away,
like a cloud,
like all things
in nature.

To observe all this
in the moment of arising,
is to see these clouds
for what they are,
in a clear
and limitless

Being Human

09 Oct 2016

We are all
full of shit,
from time to time.

We are all
mean of spirit,
from time to time.

We are all
all the time.

And when we forgive,
and then move on,
we are most human
of all.

Being Empty

09 Oct 2016

When you are empty,
there is room
for the world
to fill you,
with its richness,
grace, and beauty.

There is no story
to match this fulness,
no thought
that shines
more brightly.

To be nothing
is to be a vessel
for everything.

Beginning and Ending

09 Oct 2016

peels away
our certainty.

we see as eternal
and, in the end,
no one we count on
will survive.

There is a flow
of beginning
and ending,
which we may prefer
not to see.

In this stream
of living and dying,
giving and taking,
we are buoyant
and drowning,
and afraid.

Carried along
for a while,
we may find
some joy
in this ride,
if we’re able,
by accepting
its end.

Against the quiet night,
a flashing light
reminds me,
that somewhere,
there is always
someone suffering.

Though my eyes
may not see them,
may my heart stay open,
tender with this poignant truth,
that there is always
someone deserving
of compassion.

A Place To Be

09 Oct 2016

is a place to be
without a plan,
without regret,
without boundaries.

It is the silence
beyond “not enough”,
the peace
beyond trying.

It is the still point
from which all paths start,
a call to action,
or to rest.

A little bit crazy

09 Oct 2016

Every human being
is at least
a little bit crazy.

For most of us,
there is a choice:

listen to the voices
that drive us,
and follow them
into craziness,
or hear them
for what they are:

empty sounds
whistling in the space
of our greater Mind.

On Waking

06 Oct 2016

Wrapped in sleep,
like a blanket
of wellbeing,
I emerge,
fresh and content,
newly born
into this new day,
newly blessed,
and bathed
in gratitude.

I am what I am

12 Sep 2016

I am
what I am
when no words
describe me.

Most likely,
I will never know
how it is to stand
at the pinnacle of mastery,
but I will know the joy
of disappearing into music,
its vessel,
if not its master.


28 Aug 2016

Rust is a slow fire,
burning so gradually
that we cannot see the change,
except with the passage of time.

Time is the slowest fire,
burning everything,
over years
and lifetimes,
hiding impermanence
in its glacial pace.

If God does not play dice
with the Universe,
does God play dice
with dice?

How can Creation
allow randomness
in one domain,
but not another?

Perhaps this universe
is just one stream
in an infinite flow
of universes,
in which everything
that could happen
does happen.

So, in any moment,
there are an infinite number
of paths we can choose,
and an infinite number
we can’t.

And so,
there are always
infinite reasons for rejoicing,
and infinite reasons for regret,
and, always,
infinite choices
for moving on.

Everywhere we look,
there is violence,
and hatred.

And how
is this virus spread?

Through our words
and actions.

And what
is the remedy?

what we say and do
with tolerance
and compassion.

We are the cause,
and the solution.

Closest to the truth

27 Jul 2016

Those who whine
the loudest
are seldom those
who are closest
to the truth.

The story of your life
is only words.

Erase them,
and start anew!

May this new chapter
be an open book
in which
your most spontaneous
and deeply felt wishes
are written,
bringing you
ever closer
to your truest being.

Making Pie

19 Jul 2016

When life gives you lemons,
make key lime pie,
but make it anew,
with lemons
instead of limes!


01 Jul 2016

As technology advances,
it is increasingly easy
to spread misinformation and ignorance,
as much as information and wisdom.

And so
it behooves us,
to be more mindful
of what we say,
and careful
what we believe!

Who I am

06 Jun 2016

Who I am
is like a river flowing.

What carried me here
is just a stream
of moments,
now gone,
that only live in story.

Poised in this current,
I drift ahead,
by the moment,
into a sea
which is not yet created,
birthed in imagination.

This life

17 Apr 2016

This life of mine
does not live up
to my expectations.

I am blindsided
by tragedies
and disappointments,
not expected,
and not wanted.

And likewise,
I am lifted up
by joyful surprises,
life’s unexpected gifts.

Freed of expectations,
this life is a wondrous trip,
full of ups and downs,
and always
worth the ride.

Cruelty and kindness

17 Apr 2016

Our universe
is not cruel,
and neither
is it kind.

It simply IS,
a container
for everything,
matter and mind,
energy and spirit.

It is WE
who think and feel
who create cruelty
and kindness,
needless suffering,
and compassion.

It is always our choice,
our burden,
our gift,
seen or unseen,
to do so.


07 Apr 2016

There is no God,
and there is nothing
which is not God.

God is in a sunset,
as God is in a piece of shit.

Everything that grows
is God,
and everything that decays
is also God.

God surrounds us,
suffuses us,
is us.

There is no God
who watches us;
we are the eyes of God,
the eyes of the universe,
knowing itself.

"Who am I?"

17 Mar 2016

Of all the creatures
of this Earth,
perhaps we are
the only ones
who ask
“Who am I?”

For each of us,
asking this
may lead to downfall,
drowning in identity,
or salvation,
dissolving into being.

Grace creeps up

17 Mar 2016

Grace creeps up upon us,
beyond circumstance,
like the air around us,
pervasive and sustaining.

It is something
beyond understanding,
best met
only with gratitude,
surrendering the urge
to find its source.

This is the moment
when the membrane
of separation
and we are re-united
with the Divine
that contains us,
our home,


10 Mar 2016

We are always
by miracles.

is that moment
of recognition,
when a miracle
pops through
into awareness.

To be mindful
and ready,
in each moment,
is the greatest gift.

Life dances endlessly

10 Mar 2016

dances endlessly,
each moment perfect,
in dynamic balance.

Accepting its flow,
we share its power
as conscious partners.

being’s boundless energy
winds down to nothing,
dead and frozen,
or spins off
into chaos.

In every instant
is a seed,
a quantum lever,
the mind’s fulcrum:
a choice
to ride the wave,
or tumble
in its wake.


17 Feb 2016

A poem
   is a tool

     to eff
        the ineffable,

           to paint
              the invisible,

                 to sing
                    the silence.


14 Feb 2016

Breathing in,
I receive the gift of life.

Breathing out,
I share this gift.

For every breath we take in,
there are countless creatures,
those who crawl and walk,
swim and fly,
who are likewise gifted.

And every breath we give out
gives life to countless others,
growing in green profusion,
breathing in
what we breathe out,
all in perfect balance.


23 Jan 2016

The world
inside my head
is not the world
inside your head.

There is a world outside
which we will always share,
but will never know


23 Jan 2016

Each moment
we are alive
is a gift
freely given.

Each moment
we notice
we are alive
is a gift
gratefully received.

So is the circle
as the universe
sees its own wholeness
through our eyes.

The World Inside

23 Jan 2016

is striving to shrink
the world outside
to match the world

is striving to expand
the world inside
to embrace
the world


23 Jan 2016

At its best,
a relationship
allows two people
to see
what is
most human,
and most good
in each other,
encouraging them
to be that,
and express that,
without wanting
or expecting
them to change.


23 Jan 2016

To cultivate presence
through practicing

is to open the mind
to its natural state,

a state of

a sea of

our authentic selves

can express
our creativity

and our

My Own Demographic

23 Jan 2016

My Demographic

as performed by Little Davey and the Metrics
(with apologies and gratitude to Pete Townshend)

Companies try to pin us down,
(Talking’ ‘bout My Demographics)
On the World Wide Web, as we surf around,
(Talking’ ‘bout My Demographics)

Selling us a drink, or selling a toke,
(Talking’ ‘bout My Demographics)
I hope I die before I go broke.
(Talking’ ‘bout My Demographics)

My Demographics,
My Demographics, baby.

Why don’t you all give up your greed,
(Talking’ ‘bout My Demographics)
And don’t try to sell what we don’t need.
(Talking’ ‘bout My Demographics)
Won’t be a part of your consumer traffic,
(Talking’ ‘bout My Demographics)
I don’t wanna be in your demographic.
(Talking’ ‘bout My Demographics)

My Demographic,
My Demographic, baby.
I am my own demographic,
My own demographic, baby!


23 Jan 2016

If we love someone
with all our heart,
can we give them the gift
of simply being with them,
for at least a few minutes each day,
with love and acceptance,
without demands or judgement?

Can we love ourselves
that same way?


23 Jan 2016

When we talk to ourselves,
who talks to who,
and who is it
that hears the conversation?

Who is it
that can observe
all this going on,
and wonder:
who are all these I’s?

Perhaps they are all
just smoke and mirrors,
eddies in the flow of consciousness,
the river of “I am”.

like rain drops,
forming and dissolving,
each one catches the light
for a moment,
and then disappears.


23 Jan 2016

This little me
that I think I am
can not deserve
or hold
the freedom
of being everything.

what if
that is just a fitful dream,
and there is nothing here
except everything?

Perhaps the gift
of waking up
is becoming Nobody,
and inheriting everything
that we thought we weren’t.

Doors and Windows

23 Jan 2016

There is a universe
inside us
where everything
is reachable.

we build our little worlds
within our minds,
rooms of thoughts and memories,
doors and windows closed
to the vastness beyond.

How simple
(in a moment of choice)
to look beyond them,
and remember
that they are merely imagined,
and that we stand
in the middle of everything.

Born in This Moment

23 Jan 2016

Held softly
in the world’s embrace,
senses swimming,
bathed in light and sound,
touch and smell,
I am born in this moment,
still cradled
in my Mother’s womb.

A Thanksgiving Prayer

26 Nov 2015

Thank you
for this breath.

Thank you
for this day.

Thank you
for this beautiful world,
and thank you
for these loving hearts
around me.


23 Nov 2015

If you ever have the thought
“I can’t be trusted”,
should you trust the opinion
of someone
who doesn’t trust

Or should that thought
simply not be trusted?

The place
that question comes from
is trust’s true source.

my life

22 Nov 2015

The story of my life
is not my life.

The drama of your story
is not your essence.

The morals of our stories
are not our truths.

When we look at our story,
and what is beyond it,
and see ourselves
outside it,
that is our life,
our essence,
our truth.


21 Nov 2015

On a road
we often travel,
each intersection
offers options:
the path well known,
paved by habit,
or a turn
not yet taken.

we forge ahead,
asleep at the wheel,
lulled by the familiar.

in an unexpected moment,
we are startled awake
by the vividness of choice,
the freedom of the new.

a universe opens,
our vision clear.

Until we see where we are,
we cannot see the way ahead,
blinded by where we’ve been.


20 Nov 2015

A relationship
built on what we long for,
what we hope to be,
is an edifice
too weak,
too brittle
to withstand the throws
of time and change.

It is a castle
made of dreams and lies,
too fragile to stand,
with unkeepable promises,
destined to crack and fall
with the seismic shifts
of craving and desire.

Only when we stand
with naked heart and soul,
sufficient and alone,
can we share our Selves
so that something new
may take root,
something supple
and strong enough
to bend with time,
and grow as we grow.

Empire of Light

20 Nov 2015

Outside my window,
as I look out
across the street,
spreads an Empire of Light,
as if Magritte’s vision
has come to life
before me.

And I wonder:
is this
like the painting,
or is the painting
like this?

The riddle of perception
lies in all our art,
as it does
in the world around us,
teasing our senses,
enlivening our vision,
awakening wonder.


18 Nov 2015

You can never find yourself
in your memories -
they are only shadows.

You will only find yourself
in this moment,
flowing through
what is in you
and around you,
here and now.


15 Nov 2015

Our myths
are the history
of how we see ourselves,
snapshots of a past
that never was,
the map of the territory
we build in our minds.

But there are moments
when life nails us,
and we stand naked,
without a story,
quintessentially alive.

my kingdom

15 Nov 2015

If ego falls away,
and I am no one,
what am I then?

Alive and human,
I am a member
of Earth’s family,
a cell in the body
of our Mother.

Like a drop of rain,
falling in a forest,
I coud nurture
all that grows.

like a cancer,
I could suck the life
out of all around me,
claiming everything
for myself.

This is the choice life gives me:
to give up my reign
in my little kingdom,
and join a much greater one.


15 Nov 2015


There is nothing
that can be known
with complete certainty,
except what we find
within ourselves.

It is a river,


15 Nov 2015


When the two sides
of an argument
clash so vehemently,
perhaps the problem lies
in the premise that
there ARE two sides.

Perhaps the truth
is too complex
to be seen whole
from any one
point of view.

The mind’s urge
to polarize,
to think always
in black and white,
in right and wrong,
can be our downfall.


13 Nov 2015

is our most powerful mantra.

It is the sound
the universe makes
between thoughts.

Our World

13 Nov 2015

Our world
is full of cruelty,
as it always has been.

we see each act of violence
in an instant,
splayed across the screens
of our global mind,
too vivid to ignore.

we are cursed
to see our own brutality,
and challenged
to move beyond it.


13 Nov 2015

The only limit
that life puts on us
is death.

The rest,
we put
on ourselves.

we are all people

12 Nov 2015

Walking on 2 feet,
walking on four,
furry, or not,
scaly, or smooth.

Warm blooded,
cold blooded,
big or small,
we are all people,
sharing the warmth
of our Mother Earth.


09 Nov 2015

True power
lies in our ability
to see clearly,
and to act
on what we see.

What allows
this power
to grow?

and faith,
and practice.


09 Nov 2015

I am not in control
of my life,
and I never was.

Knowing this,
I am free
to experience
the real power
of being alive.

Our True Power

07 Nov 2015

Our true power
in our ability
to see clearly,
and to act
on what we see.

What allows
this power
to grow?


One Last Poem

07 Nov 2015

There was a time
when the dream of you
loomed large
in my heart
and mind.

as you poked it
full of holes,
time and again,
the dream died.

that is the kindest thing
you could have done.

To throw your heart
wide open
is to be in love
with everything.

To find joy everywhere
is to end the search for it.

Nothing is needed,
when everything
is enough.


07 Nov 2015

As I shovel
my savory snack
into my mouth
like a happy animal,
I offer my hand,
redolent with flavor,
to the cat
who shares his home
with me.

as his raspy tongue
licks my fingers,
I wonder:
which is more delightful -
the flavor on my own tongue,
or this innocent friction
of shared joy?

In the Dream

05 Nov 2015

When we seem to find
The person of our dreams,
We may see the dream,
Not the person.

Living in the dream,
We stand separate,
Isolated in our wants.

When the dream dissolves,
We stand face to face,
Being to being.

The door opens,
Or it closes.


03 Nov 2015

True happiness
from within.

To look for it
beyond ourselves
is to suffer

To relax
into what
we already are
is to find
our heaven.


30 Oct 2015

Enlightenment is the sky
behind our cloudy thoughts.

It is always there,
but often obscured.

To catch a glimpse of it
is to know what we already are,
not something to become.

here is a place
of calm
and peace
within us.

We need not
FEEL calm
to get there.

We need only
to be the observer
of whatever feelings
come and go.

Standing in that space,
we have all the calm,
and all the peace,
we need.

The moon

25 Oct 2015

The moon
is a place,
rocky and deserted.

How magical,
that it hangs in the sky,
beckoning for us to visit,

How strange to know
that we were there,
and left.

How strange it must have seemed,
eons ago,
to the first of us
who looked up in wonder.

How magical it must have been,
how magical it remains.


25 Oct 2015

is not
what happens,
what we do.

We are either
out of the past,
into the future,
or dancing,
in the present.

I am This

24 Oct 2015

You are not your mind,
and you are not your body.

You are not your feelings,
nor your history.

Find the place
where all this
is observed,
and stand there.

Feel the peace
and openness there,
and remind yourself,
“I am This!”

Truth and Words

22 Oct 2015

is simple.

are complicated.

Beings without words
do not understand the Truth.

They simply live it.


22 Oct 2015

Life has no meaning
except what we create
in our own thoughts.

A life well-lived
is made of thoughts

Clouds and Sky

20 Oct 2015

Thoughts and feelings
float past,
like clouds
in the sky.

I am not the clouds.

I am the sky.


19 Oct 2015

is the barrier to acceptance.

is the gateway to love.


13 Oct 2015

True magic
is hidden
in the ordinary.

Seen clearly,
is extraordinary!

There is no myth
more magnificent
than What Is.

God ( a second reflection)

God is not a thing.

God is the essence
that permeates
ALL things.


11 Oct 2015

I do not believe in God,
and I do not believe in air.

I trust that there are things
I cannot see and hear
which shape the world around me.

Many teachers,
scientists and mystics,
have pointed the way,
and, at times,
my own senses
have confirmed their wisdom.

I do not believe in air,
yet that is the sea
I live and swim in.

So it is with Spirit,
which some call God,
always with us,
around us,
in us,
whatever it is called.


09 Oct 2015

is a natural state.

It arises spontaneously
when we get out of our own way.

Everything Is a Dance

09 Oct 2015

Everything dances.

Order dances with disorder,
Light dances with dark.

Form dances with emptiness,
Life dances with death.

is a dance.

the mind

06 Oct 2015

The contents of the mind
are not the mind,
Just as clouds
Are not the sky.

Our thoughts
will float freely
through our awareness,
when we let them go,
like clouds,
against an endless blue sky.

who I am not

05 Oct 2015

I am not
who I think I am
(that is only thinking).

I am not
the dream of my life -
I am the dreamer.

the simplest path

05 Oct 2015

To be diligently open
Is the simplest path
to wisdom.

the sea I swim in

02 Oct 2015

All my life,
I have been trying
to see who I am.

beyond the eyes that see,
who I am
is the sea
I swim in.

I can not see it
because I AM it,
and it is me.

I can only feel
the fulness of it,
the gift of it,
in its completeness.

Each life

30 Sep 2015

Each life
is like a drop of water,
flowing from its source,
condensed into being,
and soon to evaporate,
or merge with the sea.

It is a precious jewel,
in its moment of existence,
in an infinite chain
of precious jewels.

Each one
is a universe itself,
a reflection,
in its moment,
of the Whole.


29 Sep 2015

Learning is a choice.
No one can never teach anyone anything!
We can only point toward what another
may be willing or able to learn.

Our Eyes

24 Sep 2015

Our eyes
are the eyes
of Spirit,
born to see itself.

encumbered in flesh,
yoked to a primate brain,
our vision narrows,
until only what is wanted,
or what is feared,
is seen.

there is a seed
in every mind,
a vault
bigger than ourselves
that holds
it’s own heritage,
a gateway
to what birthed us,
a path back home.

To Stand at a Fulcrum

21 Sep 2015

Every moment
is pregnant
with life’s gifts,
and rife
with life’s dangers.

To awaken
in the moment
is to stand
at a fulcrum,
an opening
for gratitude
or action.


18 Sep 2015


To see without labels
is to see like a newborn
swimming in a sea of everything,
drinking it all in,
from the anchor of thought.


18 Sep 2015


The masks we wear
don’t grow with us,
but shrink and crack,
with time and change,
unless they are fed
and cared for.

Without the ego’s nurturing,
they fall away,
in time,
we stand naked
before everyone,
as from a chrysalis,
into light.

It is a death,
of sorts,
and an awakening.

My Gift, My Burden

14 Sep 2015

The world is a dangerous place,
as is the human mind.

If neither has killed me yet,
then there is something left
for me to do.

Each being
has a role to fill,
a path to walk,
and it is my burden
and my gift
to follow mine.

All My Opinions

07 Sep 2015

All My Opinions

In the end,
What do all my opinions
Come down to?

Emptiness and noise!

Beneath the noise
Is the TRUE emptiness,
Peaceful and eternal,
Creative and alive.

What We Pray To

06 Sep 2015

What We Pray To

Every “ism”
is a map,
a path
from where we think we are
to where we always are,
where we have forgotten.

And, when we stand there,
if only for a moment,
there is nothing to follow,
no goal to pursue.

We stand
in an infinite kingdom,
free to wander,
at home
in an endless garden.


30 Aug 2015

In this age
of rampant Narcissism,
those who are richest
may take the biggest selfies.

we have The Donald,
self-proclaimed star of
“Running for President”,
as if our entire nation
were a reality show.

But what would happen,
if nobody watched?


30 Aug 2015

In the mind’s eye,
things arrange themselves
like nesting boxes,
or branching trees,
or trains of things
and thoughts.

In the hierarchy of ideas,
everything exists
Inside of, or outside of,
next to, or away from,
under, or above,
everything else.

But, beyond the mind
Is the Great Soup of Being.

It is not inside the mind,
or outside;
there is no “inside”,
there is no “outside”,
there simply is.


30 Aug 2015

Our lives are spent
making up worlds,
avoiding emptiness.

And yet,
to embrace the emptiness
is to breathe freely,
making room
to be.


13 Aug 2015

is not our birthright.

It is our gift,
to be able to overcome
the complexity
of our own thinking.


11 Aug 2015

In this world,
there are no evil people,
but yet,
much evil is done.

Through the myth of “I”,
the wedge of fear,
we deny the bonds of nature,
and stand alone,
suffering in our ignorance.

To strike out against another
is only possible
when we forget our birthright,
that we were always,
and always will be,


03 Aug 2015

If language is a virus,
then awareness
is our immune system.


03 Aug 2015

It is odd
to be awed,
to anyone,

A Leaf Has No Story

02 Aug 2015

A leaf
down a stream
has no story.

We may follow it,
as it spills into a river,
and then into the sea;
or trace it backwards
to the branch it grew on,
the bud it sprang from.

we add
the thread of history
that our minds weave,
as we do with our own lives.

To the leaf,
there is only this instant
of vibrant aliveness,
flowing onward.

What a gift
it would be,
to see ourselves
this  simply.

This Trusty Appliance

29 Jul 2015

This body that I live in
is like a faithful toaster,
a trusty appliance
that has served me well.

If my toaster broke,
I would say a quick farewell,
and buy another,
or do without toast,
at least for a while.

Can I let go of this “me”
as easily,
when my time has come,
floating on
to What’s Next?

Big Brains

26 Jul 2015

Before history,
our ancestors stood in fear,
in their minds’ eye,
for unseen danger.

Time and again,
their big brains saved them,
skirting perils unimagined
by simpler minds.

And now,
we walk
through a safer world,
wrapped in a cocoon
of civilization.

But still,
the fear remains,
that something unseen
and dangerous
always lurks nearby.

In the slow dance of evolution,
our big brains
still scan that unseen jungle,
always alert,
a heartbeat away
from fight or flight.

And what else,
in this world we are building,
might our big brains see,
beyond that jungle?

In the mind’s eye,
our world is infinite,
if we choose to look,
and always,
just a blink away,
is the Garden
we were born from.


26 Jul 2015

is the key to everything.

Without it,
we live in a very small
and rigid world,
stuck with what we like,
and stuck, as well,
with what we don’t like.


21 Jul 2015

The mind
Is a priority machine.

Idle for a moment,
it will find an image to follow,
a call for what’s next.

Either we awaken to that moment,
choosing a path that calls
from our heart and soul,
or we slip back,
along the track of unconsciousness,
again and again,
through who we were,
unaware of who we are,
and who we can become.

Love and Seeing

16 Jul 2015

Each pair of eyes
sees a world
to the beholder.

To love another being
is to borrow their eyes,
to see the universe
they live in,
at the same time
as our own.

Each one is a sliver
of the greater Whole,
beyond what any one
can see.

The more we love,
the more these glimpses
stretch our boundaries,
more and more
of What Is.

What We Create

15 Jul 2015

Our history shows us
that, as humans,
we can create almost anything
we can imagine.

So, our question is always,
what is worth imagining?


15 Jul 2015

We are born naked,
without disguise.

And then,
as we learn to walk and talk,
to grasp at what we want,
we clothe ourselves In Ego,
moving through the world
with the shroud of “I” around us,
Safe, separate, and alone.

To walk this world
naked one more time,
stripped of expectations,
me dissolving into everyone
and everything,
newborn once again.

our greatest gift

10 Jul 2015

Our deepest love
is the brightest mirror
to our true self.

To see that mirror
is our greatest gift,
and our birthright.

To bring peace to the world
may seem an impossible task.

Yet, to bring peace to oneself
is doable.

And if,
having found peace,
each one would share it
with two others,
who would each share
with two more,
where would it end?

Just as our cells replicate
in their exponential dance,
so could the peace
of one human soul spread
to encompass everyone.

As 2 becomes 4,
and 4 becomes 8,
there are only
between peace for one,
and peace for everyone.

And the sky exploded,
bleeding and booming,
sprouting ruptured rainbows;

a celebration
spectacular enough
to short-circuit the mind
with the sheer exuberance
of being alive!

can be felt,
but not understood;
it lives in experience,
not in rhetoric.


04 Jul 2015


When those you love
slip away,
beyond the realm of things,
it is like rock dissolving,
icons turning into smoke.

Our minds build museums
full of statuesque certainty,
which always crumbles,
returning to dust.

And, in those clouds of dust,
is the essence,
not of memories,
but of love itself.


22 Jun 2015

Ignorance is bliss,
until it catches up with you!

A Simple Prayer

20 Jun 2015

I honor my Self,
and the Spirit
that is in me,
and all around me.

the path forward

18 Jun 2015

All too often,
as we move through our lives,
We direct our attention
at obstacles we wish to avoid,
or objects of desire
we wish to pursue.

But the path forward,
back to our true nature,
can be found by following,
not these obstacles,
these objects of desire,
but rather,
the emptiness between them.

Labels - A Reflection

16 Jun 2015

If there were no Conservatives,
no Libertarians,
no Liberals,
we would still be blessed
to be ourselves,
and further blessed
to have this thread
of communication,
and respect
to join us.


16 Jun 2015

When a candle burns out,
where does the energy go?

Perhaps it’s flame
is not a thing,
but just the focus
of energy flowing.

When the flame is gone,
its energy is not lost,
but merely shifted
into the intangible.

Nothing, in fact,
is ever lost,
but simply changes form.

A life’s trajectory
is seldom arrow-straight
(as the mind would want),
but twisting
in a Brownian dance.

Still, the mind cries for order,
seeking straight lines,
the arc of a story.

And so we build,
in memory’s gallery (halls),
a string of snapshots
that define ourselves
to ourselves.

Out of infinite moments,
only the most vivid,
charged with aliveness,
Sharp with anguish or bliss,
are held in the shrine of memory.

And mostly,
it is those we have loved,
with gratitude, with regret,
who give us these moments,
these signposts of connection,
poignant and enduring.

To look back,
through this trail of memory,
is to trace a path,
Like constellations
of loss and love,
each point a shining light,
as we have briefly touched
and been touched,
time and time again.


11 Jun 2015

is the emergent intelligence
of the universe,
expressed everywhere,
and always.

It is the spirit
that permeates
but is,
beyond our understanding.

It is our gift, however,
to experience it,
from time to time,
in glimpses
that transcend our minds.


08 Jun 2015


Language is a mind-altering substance.

The habit of thinking is an addiction.

Be careful what you believe -
what you think, may become real,
for better, or worse.

If I am not the person
I have imagined myself to be,
then I am not the failure
he may have judged himself to be.

I am like the open sky,
clouds passing endlessly,
infinite with possibility.

New affirmation

05 Jun 2015


My Buddha

05 Jun 2015

My own Buddha statue
is a wisp of smoke,
a glint of light,
in my mind’s eye,
from the center of my heart.

A Prayer

03 Jun 2015

Universal energy
is flowing freely through me,
bringing light and healing
to my life
and the lives around me.

Life and Death

26 May 2015

Life is not safe.

Only the dead
are guaranteed safety.

To avoid risk,
day in and day out,
Is to court death
before its time.

It is the fear of death
(which is the fear of life),
not death itself,
that causes suffering.


16 May 2015

Immune system,
and spirit
are inseparable.

Whatever we believe
will heal us,
with all our heart,
probably will.


09 May 2015

God is the creative force of the universe.

When we allow that creative force
to flow through us,
God is with us.

Only when we block it,
not trusting our own divine nature,
does God disappear.

Building Worlds

09 May 2015

Writers take their hopes and fears
and build worlds,
making them real
on the printed page.

And the rest of us?
We build worlds
with our hopes and fears
inside our minds,
and make them real.

Knowing this,
it is our choice
to build worlds
worth living in.


06 May 2015

When you have
a conversation
with yourself,
who is talking
to whom?

there is no one there,
only thoughts,
and passing on.

You are not
your conversation,
but the One
who listens.

You are not
your experience,
but the Observer
of all you experience.


06 May 2015

As I sit,
in an inner sea,
a greater world
lies wrapped
around me.

With glimpses caught
of what might be,
my freedom calls
from infinity.

Without a Lens

28 Apr 2015

To see the world
without a lens,
is to drink it in,
into your heart
and soul,
to taste it,
and feel it
rub against you,
like a warm animal.

A cat has a brain
The size of a walnut,
And is blessed
With all it needs.

It knows each moment
As complete,
Without knowing how,
Or why.

Yet It is our blessing,
With our Big Brains,
To wonder how,
And why.

And then,
Full of questions,
To relinquish answers,
And relax,
Like a cat,
Into Now.

I Jumped

24 Apr 2015

Once, I climbed a tree
and, balanced
on a tiny platform,
I froze in fear.

Then, eyes closed,
blindly trusting,
I inched forward,
and jumped.

I fell, unseeing,
and something
caught me.

I let myself sink
into relief,
and failure.

what I know now,
would I try again?


a door

24 Apr 2015

When a door closes,
don’t leave your foot in it,
so you are free to walk
to a new one.


20 Apr 2015

Do not worship
anyone -
your guru,
your lover,
or yourself.

We are all
only mirrors
reflecting everything,
from an infinity
of perspectives,
like pin pricks
through a curtain,
facets of a picture
too big
for any eye
to see.

all I am

19 Apr 2015

I am the universe
expressing itself,
and experiencing itself,
at this particular place,
at this particular time.

That is all I am,
and that is the ALL
that I am.

Our Gift

15 Apr 2015

Being human,
we are gifted with minds
big enough to dream
of our own freedom,
or our own captivity.

And it is our gift,
and our curse,
to live what we dream.

Two Ways Home

14 Apr 2015

We came from Spirit,
and we will return to Spirit.

And even,
in our brief lives,
when our minds may drift
into forgetfulness,
we are Spirit still.

Until, in a moment of seeing,
the light of remembrance
pierces through our darkness,
And we are already,

Our best teachers
Are those who remind us
of what is best in ourselves,
and point the way
to our path back home.

Life Moves On

12 Apr 2015

Life moves on.

We either move with it,
or tumble
in its wake.


06 Apr 2015

All our lives,
we woo ourselves,
and, sometimes,
even fuck ourselves,
for better
or for worse.

we are sometimes reborn
through our own wombs.

A Melange

06 Apr 2015

I arrange
a melange
of muskellunge,
lest a change
may impinge,
or rearrange
my fringe,
my strange,

My Pain

02 Apr 2015

My pain is not special;
it’s the same
as everyone’s.

My joy is not mine to keep;
it is everyone’s as well.

I am not the owner
of my feelings.

I am but one part
of the Earth’s family,
sharing this experience
of being human.


01 Apr 2015

We do not
HAVE energy;
we ARE energy.

It is our choice,
in each moment,
how we direct it.

or unconscious,
this is how
we create our lives.

Ego & Freedom

28 Mar 2015

When your ego is broken,
it can be painful news.

Or it can be the freedom
you have longed for.


27 Mar 2015

Ignorance is not
a simple lack of knowledge.

It is an attachment
to a narrow way of thinking,
the unwillingness
to see things differently.

An Unexamined Thought

25 Mar 2015

An unexamined thought
  is like a knife in a drawer,
    an unseen weapon
     that can grow
       into poison.

It can slip
  into the soup
    of our consciousness
    in mindfulness,
we recognize
  its bitter taste.

In the light of our awareness,
  the mind is our greatest gift,
    but, when we sleepwalk
     through our own darkness,
       it can be our undoing.

Little Houses

22 Mar 2015

All our lives,
we have moved
from one little house
to another.

The day of our birth
was our first eviction,
thrust out
from safety and warmth
into noise and uncertainty.

And then,
in our separation,
raw and unprotected,
we discovered walls
we could build ourselves.

And growing,
always pushing further,
we let our walls expand,
building elaborately,
seeking opulent security.

And always,
something called us
beyond our second womb,
until our walls grew too thin,
and we burst out,

And then
we float free,
free to build castles of fancy,
poems of architecture,
not to live in,
but as monuments
to what we were,
and what we may become.

If you witness beauty,
save a picture in your heart.

If you feel joy,
send a message to your Spirit.

Wherever you go,
put down your phone,
and be!

Our Teachers

13 Mar 2015

Spiritual seekers
tend to deify their teachers,
attributing Godly powers to them.

And yet, a true teacher
is simply a facilitator,
one who eases
the process of learning.

A teacher is a bridge
between the teachings and the student,
a lens to bring the truth into focus,
so it can be seen more clearly,
and assimilated more completely.

Our great teachers
deserve our greatest gratitude,
our greatest respect,
for their humbleness,
and for their skill,
insight, and passion.

Little Rooms

09 Mar 2015

In most moments,
we live in little locked rooms,
apartments of the mind,
cluttered with memories
and judgements.

Adrift in a pool
of thoughts and fears,
we tread water,
almost drowning.

And then,
the walls split wide,
and we float free,
with no myths
to hold us.

by our own descriptions,
we are nothing,
and everything,
seeing itself.


26 Feb 2015




26 Feb 2015

My God



My God
   is within me.

I am everything
  and nothing.

I have all
  I need.

The Universe

24 Feb 2015

Most likely,
the universe doesn’t care,
as galaxies and atoms
wheel about each other,
without regard for my opinion.

Am I any less for that?

As I look out
through this body’s eyes,
I am dreaming meaning,
my own little movie
on the screen of life.

The “truth” I see
is my own creation.

In my own universe,
I am a little God,
like a drop of water
in the ocean of Being.

Bathed in your spirit,
we drummed from our hearts,
guided by your heart.

We felt your smile,
we felt you dance,
unfettered by time,
your light shining on.

Not Knowing

24 Feb 2015

Not knowing
is, perhaps,
the purest form
of honesty.


23 Feb 2015

Through these lenses,
a million jewels dance,
in the snow,
the ice,
the water,
into vibrant life.

In other light,
they would fade
into nothing,
in obscurity.

What other jewels
lie shrouded
by the lense of seeing,
to be discovered only
as we learn to look
with different eyes?

For each way of seeing,
there is a new universe
sparkling into view,
as our eyes and minds
grant it being.

To Come Unglued

21 Feb 2015

If I were to come unglued,
what would I be,
unconstrained by thought,
unrestricted by convention,

If we allow what holds us together
to dissolve,
what remains?

Inside the shell of reason
is energy unfettered,
like the dance of atoms,
life expressing itself,
flowing freely,
waiting to be born.

Black & White

20 Feb 2015

Life is not black and white,
nor is the truth.

In the light of reality,
there are infinite shades
of light and dark,
infinite nuances
of color.

Black and white
are only ideas.

The canvas of life
is all the shades between.

Different Paths

19 Feb 2015

In our world of ideas,
there is Buddhism,
and Hinduism,

In the world of being,
there are no “isms”.

There is only One,
and inseparable.

Only in our minds
does it fragment,
breaking into complexity,
an infinity of paths,
all to the same truth.

This is where ALL our teachers
have pointed.

This is where we started from
and, with Grace,
where we may return.


16 Feb 2015

I have hung
my favorite painting
upside down.

What else
am I not seeing
in its truest perspective?

To Create My Life

12 Feb 2015

I am finding the strength
and inspiration,
moment by moment,
day by day,
to create my life.

A Pathway Back

09 Feb 2015

In every one of us,
there is a universe of pain
we are bound to run away from,
addicted to avoidance,
slipping into waking sleep.

Soothed by unconsciousness,
we lose the vibrant sting of feeling,
bit by bit, day by day,
running further and further
from ourselves.

And each stab of pain
is an invitation,
a pathway back,
to stand poised,
as sleep beckons,
and observe the pain
and the urge to flee.

At the fulcrum of choice,
this moment of seeing,
lies our power.

This is being alive!


06 Feb 2015

are too complex
to ever fully understand.

The best we can do
is to keep our hearts and minds open,
and love each other
as best we can.

A Tree Stands Naked

06 Jan 2015

A tree stands naked
Against the gently roiling sky,
Fuzzy with potential,
Nascent green against the grey.

Likewise do I stand here empty,
On the brink of everything,
Poised to grow and change,
The energy of life
Moving through me.

A New Year's Prayer

31 Dec 2014

As we enter a new year,
may we greet each day with gratitude,
and, with our words and actions,
create the world we want to live in.


23 Dec 2014

Complacency is a drug.

Security is sleep.

are life’s way of saying
“Wake the fuck up!”

The Dream

19 Dec 2014

We are born into suffering,
Thrust out of amniotic bliss
into chaos and light -
a dream of separation.

We search our whole lives
for wholeness remembered,
womb of the Mother,
womb of Spirit.

In this dream of separation,
each moment seems severed
from where we are from,
where we long to be,
our birthright of completeness.

We look to the world around us,
seeking what seems missing inside,
until that moment of awakening,
when we find ourselves, complete,
as we have always Been.

No Poem

14 Dec 2014

There is no poem
that will express this moment.

I am!


14 Dec 2014

In a place without judgement,
there is room for acceptance.

In a place of acceptance,
there is room for joy.

My Own Best Friend

04 Dec 2014

What if I were my own best friend?

How would treat myself?

Would I cringe
at my own ineptitude,
or cheer on my greatest efforts?

Would I love myself as I am,
or as I think I should be?

Could I accept this gift,
and give up the urge
to find it wanting?

Trains of Thought

22 Nov 2014

When a train of thought begins,
it has no tracks,
unless you lay them down.

Each one is like a puff of smoke,
leading nowhere,
unless, with our attention,
we let them lead us
where they will.

Without the engine of thought,
pulling us down its narrow paths,
our ways are infinite,
our possibilities endless.


21 Nov 2014

When you love someone,
love them because you see in them
the strongest that you are,
and love them also,
because you see in them
the weakest that you are.

What if the “I” that I think I am
is just imagining itself,
solidified by thinking,
again and again?

Is it by being this “I”
that I am cut off,
from all other “I’s”,
in this dream of aloneness?

What if each “I”
is but a drop
in an ocean of being?

beyond this dream,
there is no separation,
there is no “I”,
and, as we awaken,
we are not alone.

What Shakespeare Knew

11 Nov 2014

We are all actors,
acting in our own plays.

The world is our stage,
the things and people in it,
our props.

How easily we forget
that we write every scene,
that the events unfolding
are our own dream.

Oh, to awaken
in the act of acting,
and see an infinity
of possible dreams,
each one ripe
to step into.

I Am the River

10 Nov 2014

I am the child,
flailing in the river,
afraid of the current.

I am the river,
cradling that child,
giving comfort,
unfelt and unseen.

I am the water,
flowing through the river,
always changing,
always carrying him on.

The sky is my Gohonzon.

As a train of clouds
roll by the moon,
tuft upon tuft
of vapor
passing by,
each one is like a bead
of my heart’s rosary.

My prayer is to be part of this,
to sink into its center,
embedded in it,
empowered by its
infinite energy,
to BE what I am seeing,

And I am!

This Roller Coaster

05 Nov 2014

On this roller coaster,
there are no tracks,
except the ones
our minds lay down.

Not trusting there solidity,
we buoy them up with thought,
but sometimes, still,
they crumble into nothing,
and we are flying free.

There is nothing below us,
and there never was.
In this vertigo of falling,
we can abandon hope and fear
(as in an amusement park),
for the thrill, instead,
of this ride of a lifetime.

To A Lost Colleague

04 Nov 2014

Walking to the door with your mask of indifference,
What price do you pay for your daily compromise?

You have sold yourself for a dream of security,
The promise of safety
in shark-filled seas.

How does each long night pass,
When darker dreams break through,
And the face of your broken integrity
Stares back at you?

Was there a moment when the choice was clear,
Or did you slip, beguiled and unawares,
Into the machine that has eaten you?

Are you still in there,
Longing for freedom,
Or does the lure of safety still lull you,
Snug in the dream of protection?

This Night

04 Nov 2014

The vividness of this night
Explodes against the senses,
Impaling the eye
With each stab of light
Against the canvas of the dark.

The “I” behind the eye
Is washed away
In this sea of sensation,
Embalmed in the intensity of vision,
Burned away
by the brightness of seeing.

Life Well Lived

02 Nov 2014

Life well lived is a dance,
a spontaneous song.

Each note grows
from the one before,
branching unexpectedly.

Step follows step
in endless possibility,
infinite curves
of Nature and Spirit.

Love and Compassion

01 Nov 2014

What unclenches
the fist of fear?


What unfolds the armor
around the tender belly
of suffering?


How do we embrace
our own suffering?

Through feeling in others
a mirror of our own pain,
and giving comfort
to both,
as one.

Shift Happens

31 Oct 2014

When something inside shifts,
and the light shines through,
the Mind says: “Aha,
THAT is the way!”

Then something else shifts,
and, like a cat,
the Mind chases after it.

Always in pursuit,
locked on to its image of “the way”,
it misses the joy (unlike the cat)
of simply moving.

Energy's Dance

31 Oct 2014

Everything experienced
Is simply energy,
organizing itself,
expressing In a flow
of changing form
And shifting patterns.

All matter and life
dance before us,
and we,
creation’s eyes and ears,
watch raptly,
singing their song.


31 Oct 2014

Death is life’s way
of reminding us
while we’re alive!


29 Oct 2014

Where there is a story,
there is a hero,
a villain,
and a victim.

For every history told by the victor,
there is a tragedy told by a victim.

If there were no stories,
there would be no victims.

Beyond our minds’ imaginings,
we are all equal.

Death and Life

29 Oct 2014

Death is not a problem.

A problem is the mind resisting
what it does not want.

When there is no mind,
there will be no problem.

To be alive and free of the mind
would not be death!

It would be life,
without problems!

Each Breath

28 Oct 2014

Disease is life’s way of reminding us
that living is not always safe,
but it is always a gift.

As we wake up each day,
let us honor the body we’re given,
our temple for this lifetime,
and let our hearts be filled with gratitude
for the miracle of each breath.

The House of the Mind

27 Oct 2014

The house of the mind
is too small to live in.

Step outside -
everything awaits you!

My Affirmation

27 Oct 2014

I am the peace
between my thoughts.

An Observation

27 Oct 2014

Every time
I pull my head
out of my ass,
the world
looks a lot brighter!

Life Improvises

26 Oct 2014

Life well-lived
is a dance,
a spontaneous song.

Each note grows
from the one before,
branching unexpectedly.

Step follows step
in endless possibility,
in infinite curves
of Nature and Spirit.

When the mind shuts down,
Life improvises,
and we are the dance,
we are the song.


24 Oct 2014

This is the fulcrum,
This moment,
As was every old moment,
And as every new moment will be.

Flow endlessly,
Always in balance,
Turning points in a sea
Of endless choice.

In the eye of experience,
The river roars past the leaf,
The sky soars past the bird,
Always alive in stillness,
And always,
also, moving.


21 Oct 2014

As the landscape around us comes and goes,
so does the landscape within.

A radiant sky,
or a soulful face,
touches us,
and we capture it
in the memory of our machines,
not trusting ourselves to keep it.

And those moments of freedom,
mind blown by vivid experience,
slip away, like water
unless frozen into form,
crystalized with words.

Life flows around us,
through us,
and we try our best to hold it in our hands,
in a picture, an idea,
if just for a moment.

These images remind us
of what we were,
what we were a part of,
what we always are,
even in our forgetfulness.


20 Oct 2014

To be insane
Is to be a human being.

To float above one’s own insanity
is to be a spiritual being.

A poem or a song
completes itself;
it has an end.

A painting
or a sculpture
stands in its final form
for everyone to see.

A life
is a little piece
of a continuum;
when it ends,
we will not be there
to see it.

It is a phrase
in the world’s song,
sung always,
phrase by phrase,
until the world itself
is gone.

Energy and Water

09 Oct 2014

Human energy
is like water,

You cannot hold it.

You can swim against it,
you can drown in it,
or you can flow with it.

My Aspiration

07 Oct 2014

As a little boy,
I aspired to be a cat.

near the other end of my life,
I can see again
what my young eyes saw.

A cat simply IS,
supremely content,
in every moment,
with its lack of choice or ability
to become anything other
than what it is.

But we humans,
we are always striving,
to become better,
to be more than we are.

My years have taught me this:
wanting to be different from what we are
is the root of suffering.

Oh, to become like the cat,
accepting our Creator’s blessing,
bathing in the gratitude
of simply being what we are.

Time Spins On

04 Oct 2014

Time spins on,
and the sun sinks below the sky,
semaphoring, brightly, in the windows,
and then dusk wheels in,
pulling the night behind it.

A bigger wheel turns,
and trees lose their coat of green,
flashing into brilliance,
then fading to brown.

And life rolls on,
little wheels, big wheels,
each moment ripening
and falling away,
giving way to the next,
a timeless dance of becoming,

Beneath the Lies

24 Sep 2014

If you are truly Spirit,
Beyond your Little Mind,
Be your own guru!

Wisdom is everywhere,
So why seek it
Outside yourself?

Beneath the lies you think,
Is the truth you know.

So listen,
And follow!

The Balance Artist

20 Sep 2014

You stand at peace,
in total concentration,
rooted like a tree,
firm in your vision.

Out of stillness,
birthed in your intention,
grows each perfect action,
unfolding, with nature’s grace.

Each motion is a word
in the poetry of cause and effect,
a step in the dance of matter,
a note in the song of energy.

It is Being taking form,
the Ideal becoming real,
flowing through you,
body, mind, and Spirit.

The Skyline

17 Sep 2014

Vivid in the sun,
Each building jumps out,
As if in 3D,
Popping out of the picture,
Yearning for the eye.

The clouds paint nature’s backdrop,
Full of chaotic grandeur,
A wild gumbo
Of light and dark.

This is more than movie magic,
Beyond what the mind imagines.
This is the shock of awakening
To the Real.


12 Sep 2014

As time slows down,
geese walk on water.

As time speeds up,
flowers dance.

Slow or fast,
it is all in our seeing.

Everything is standing still,
and also dancing!

What Creates?

11 Sep 2014

What creates?

How is what the painter paints
Different from these clouds,
Brushed across the sky?

How are the intricate folds of foliage
Different from the strokes of an artist’s pen,
Etched, line by line, into paper?

Are these not the works of One artist,
Manifest in everything?

What are these words,
But the universe telling itself
Of its own beauty?


02 Sep 2014

The light
of perfection
lies hidden,
behind the shadows
of our expectations.


02 Sep 2014

like the internet,
can take you anywhere.

So ask yourself:
Where do I want to go?

How the Light Dances

01 Sep 2014

It is how the light dances,
and how we dance with the light
that shapes our vision.

All is energy,
seen and seer,

What Lies Within

29 Aug 2014

Why do we try so hard to protect ourselves,
when what lies within us
is so powerful,
so complete
and undying?

Why do we protect this illusion,
this veil
that covers our true magnificence,
our birthright.

Why, knowing what is inside,
do we cover it at all?

Fragments & Glimpses

29 Aug 2014

There is a scared and whimpering child inside me,
and there is a tyrant,
a victim,
and a judge.

They do not know they are one,
two sides of a coin.

There is a realist,
and a dreamer,
a planner,
a fixer.

All one.

All drops in the bucket
which is Me,
little mental movies,
fragments and glimpses,
partly understood,
aspects of a Self too big
for the mind to hold.

Our Words

23 Aug 2014

There is too much bullshit in our world.

Let us only say what we mean,
and mean what we say.

Words have power
to harm and to heal.

They can be weapons
that intimidate and manipulate,
or tools of wisdom
that nurture and heal.

They spread like cancer,
or like light.

Let us learn to speak responsibly,
with compassion and integrity,
or simply hold our silence.


22 Aug 2014

There is wisdom in everything.

A broken tooth falls out,
a broken friendship falls away.

There is space for healing,
for something new to grow.


20 Aug 2014

What is the thread of friendship?
Is it seeing and knowing another as they are,
or as you expect them to be?

Is it a letting go, a letting in,
or a contract of mutually agreed behavior?

Is it a flow, a dance,
like water, like wind,
or the choreography of a well-oiled machine,
proceeding safely through its prescribed path?

A machine can wear down,
be broken.
Water and wind dance on,


19 Aug 2014

We exist in a field of infinite possibilities.
Hope is simply the willingness
to open oneself
to this field.

The Meaning of Life

18 Aug 2014

To know the meaning of life,
watch an animal
simply being.

To know the joy of life,
Watch an animal


16 Aug 2014

When one you love has died,
Mourn for their body,
Not their spirit.

Your world has lost a friend,
And gained an angel.


05 Aug 2014

Crawling on the floor,
me and my cat,
face to face,
I am suddenly present.

This cannot exist
in the mind,
only in doing.

Undersanding & Being

02 Aug 2014

The mind will try to understand
what it cannot do.
Simply being
can only be done.
It cannot be understood.


02 Aug 2014

When ego loves,
it reaches for what isn’t.

When spirit loves,
It embraces what is.

Everything I need

11 Jul 2014

I have everything I need.

All that slows me down
is lack of faith
in the universe
and in myself.

In the Web

09 Jul 2014

In the web of being,
There are more directions
Than we can ever know.

Our eyes see only up and down,
Left and right, front and back.

Our spirits see everywhere,
When we choose to look.

In the sea of our infinite souls,
All things that can happen DO happen.

When we shift our focus, we see them,
Just beyond where we usually look.

To earthbound eyes,
Point of view is everything.

Spirit shows us where to look.

Purest Love

09 Jun 2014

The purest love
is like fresh air to the heart.

Breathing in,
it nurtures and enlivens,
but it cannot be held.


09 Jun 2014

Why procrastinate now,
when you could

Perfect Animals

05 Jun 2014

Being and playing,
  We are perfect animals;
Drumming and dancing,
  We are perfect animals;
Entwined in love,
  We are perfect animals;
Our minds at peace,
  We are perfect animals.


02 Jun 2014

Face lit with glee,
A child hugs a ball to her chest,
Like a loved one.

How simple happiness is,
When the moment is enough,
And you want what you have.

Maybe the state of enlightenment
isn’t the constant experience
of being connected to universal spirit,
but just the awareness of that connection,
whether we’re experiencing it or not!

We strive after peak experiences,
forgetting that the perfection we’re looking for
is already with us, and in us, whether we feel it or not.

Simply remembering this can ease the pressure we put on ourselves,
so we can just relax into our own being, warts and all.

Maybe that’s as good as it gets!


01 Jun 2014

We are responsible for our actions,
not for other’s reactions.

Loss: Opening

01 Jun 2014


What we want fills us;
what we don’t have
leaves emptiness.

The pain of nothing,
a blank slate;
and yet,
the possibility
of everything.

Ony when you let everything go
can you let everything in.

Learning To Be Free

01 Jun 2014

Empty inside,
An ache fills me.

In a new moment,
I am empty again,
And the world fills me.


01 Jun 2014

Into painful places,
That is freedom.

A Note To My Self

01 Jun 2014

All my life,
I’ve been avoiding a great truth,
and pursuing a fantasy.

That truth is that I am
(like every human being)
completely and irrevocably alone.

The fantasy was that I could find someone
to complete the incomplete “me”
that I thought I was.

Now, I am learning that that “me” is itself a fantasy,
and that the “I am that I am”
always was and already is complete.

I feel free of a great burden.
There is nothing and no one I need to add to my life to be fulfilled.
Everything that comes my way is gift.

Turn off your phone,
Relax and float downstream,
It is not dying,
It is not dying.

The True Gift

29 Apr 2014

When you lose somebody, look inside
for what first connected you to them;
it is still inside you, and always was,
or you would not have recognized it.

The true gift of love and friendship
is the mirror that it holds
to the beauty and perfection
that you already are.

Two Worlds

24 Apr 2014

In every moment,
We move in two worlds:
The world around us,
And the world inside.

To see and feel them
Both, at once,
Is to be fully alive,
And fully human.

Ending and Beginning

15 Apr 2014

Bare branches
stand against the sky,
fuzzy with becoming.

In every ending
there is a seed
of beginning.

Who Is Jesus?

13 Apr 2014

He was a man
Imbedded in time,
Receding in history.

He is is a story,
Enriched in the telling,
Growing with generations.

He is Spirit,
Buddha spirit,
Mohammed spirit,
Our spirit.

He is a bridge,
To where we came from,
To where we always were.

The World Hugs Us

13 Apr 2014

The world hugs us
to this ball of rock,
nestled in its skin,
tender and alive.

By what miracle do we lay here,
balanced between earth and sky,
for a lifetime,
for a moment?


10 Apr 2014

    in fur

    in to it


10 Apr 2014

Crazy is infinite;
Normal is a thin line.

When those who nurtured us,
fathers of our minds,
mothers of our hearts,
seemed crazy,
each in their own way,
how do,
how should
we follow them?

The line of Normal
is too thin;
Crazy points everywhere.
beyond fear,
amidst the chaos,
is freedom.

Like vs. "Like"

07 Apr 2014

I used to like a lot of things,
And I suppose that I still do,
But to “Like” something on Facebook
Has become my bugaboo.

Most things I like don’t haunt me,
As Facebook “Likes” will do,
Spawning like a million fish,
As more messages accrue.

So please don’t be offended,
Or look at me askew,
If, in my desperation,
I decline to just “Like” you!


07 Apr 2014

It is not fear that stops us from action,
but the avoidance of fear.

When your entertainment ends,
And emptiness seeps in,
Don’t look away.

Let it take your full attention.
It is the drama of the moment,
Played against the nothingness
Of everything.

On the screen of being,
Nothing is assured,
And everything is possible.

Everything Is Now

01 Apr 2014

Everything is Now,
Only Now.

The past
Is the mind’s story,
Living only in the telling.

The future is each new moment,
Then Now,
And Now.

Betwen the Words

01 Apr 2014

I am the truth that words can’t convey.
I am the space between the words.
I am that I am.


22 Mar 2014

In the peaceful space
between my thoughts
lies the quiet pleasure
of simply being.

Mind and Spirit

16 Mar 2014

The mind says
“Without my story,
I am nothing”.

Spirit says
“Without a story,
I am everything!”

Ego, Heart & Spirit

16 Mar 2014

Between two egos,
love is an agreement,
A set of mutual expectations.

Between two hearts,
love is a softening of egos,
A relaxing of boundaries.

Between two Spirits,
love is unity,
Without expectations,
Without boundaries.


15 Mar 2014

Your favorite friends may be the ones you enjoy the most,
But your best friends are the ones you can count on the most.
Loyalty, like love, is one of the greatest gifts
We can give or receive.

This Is life!

10 Mar 2014

Pry open the lid of your mind.
Let the murmurs and shouts of your senses fill it.
This is not the story of your life.
This IS life!

Light Breaks Through

06 Mar 2014

Heart heavy,
Mind full of anger & hurt,
I walk along
in my own dark story.

light breaks through.
The city, the river,
Awash with sun,
call me.

I listen, I see.
This moment,
This gift,
THIS is real.

Then the sun sets.
The sky blooms.
Another gift,
Another moment.


04 Mar 2014

comes from looking for solutions
outside of ourselves.

Our best answers
come from within.

love and Pain

02 Mar 2014

Love may be the essence of a spiritual life,
but it is not always comfortable or convenient.
One of life’s biggest challenges
is to not shut down in the face of pain.

For the most part,
a healthy organism expands,
and an unhealthy one contracts.

What we accept and learn from
expands us.
What we avoid
makes us contract.

the old saying:
“Whatever doesn’t kill us,
makes us stronger!”

A Prayer For Us All

02 Mar 2014

(for Nadine, in loving memory):
As your path leads you through your times of trial,
May each moment remind you of the gift you are.
May the light you bring shine back on you,
And may it set you free, from this moment on.

Inside and Outside

25 Feb 2014

Whatever I see
Is already inside me,
Or I would not see it.

All I experience
Lives in this world inside,
A universe without limit,
Inside my flesh.

All I need,
All I want,
Is already here.

There is nothing “outside”
Which isn’t “inside”.

“Inside” and “outside”
are the same.

I am complete.

Do not give your love away,
or allow it to be taken.
It is not yours to give,
nor anyone’s to take.

Rather, share it,
let your heart open and expand,
until it touches all hearts.
Then you will awaken
from the dream of separation.

The Final Healing

20 Feb 2014

perfect and eternal,
cannot be be broken.
Yet the body,
earthbound and ephemeral,

Time and entropy
wear down the engine of flesh,
and there comes a moment
when life and being
can no longer be held
In its fragile frame.

It is then that the spirit
longs to be free,
bursting the bonds
of fleeting form.

in that moment
of release,
is not death
the final healing?

Right Now

14 Feb 2014

This is a beautiful world,
Right now.

Light flows in,
Right now.

Everything is Spirit,
Right now.

All there is,
Is this.

This is the truth,
Right now.

Love, Always

11 Feb 2014

“I will love you always”
may be true, always,
because love exists
outside of time.

And yet, things change.
Thoughts and feelings
come and go.

Love seems to disappear,
when the mind rules,
and the heart shuts down.

And, in each moment,
there is a choice:
to re-open our hearts,
to revisit that place,
outside of time,
where Spirit lives.

love will still be there.
It is always there,
as we come and go.

Wanting/ Letting go

28 Jan 2014

is the lack
of having.

It is grasping
that fills
with pain.

Let go,
and open
to emptiness.

Let it be filled
with what is,
and what can be.

Everything is perfect

26 Jan 2014

Nothing matters
like the mind thinks it does.
Everything is perfect,
in the flow of Is.

Whatever we create,
there is room for it to be.
Whatever the story we tell,
it is true, in the infinite play of Being.


21 Jan 2014

There is nothing fair
about the cards we’re dealt.
Yet there can be grace and beauty
in how we play our hand.

Anything Is Possible

21 Jan 2014

We give power to what we pay attention to.
When you allow what you truly want
To become more powerful
Than what you want to avoid,
Anything is possible.

Where Is a Poem Born?

16 Jan 2014

Where is a poem born?

A spasm of the mind,
spirit leaking through.

A fit of words,
a trail of experience behind it.

Being bursting out of nothing
into thought.

What do we deserve?

01 Jan 2014

What do we deserve?

Someone who worships us
without challenging us?

Or someone who challenges us
without worshipping us?


01 Jan 2014

All our relationships
Stand on our relationship
With ourselves.

It is the only relationship
Which we can,
and do,
Create from nothing.


01 Jan 2014

Why try to make everything perfect?
Everything already
IS perfect!

Our Futures

01 Jan 2014

All futures are possible.

What becomes real
flows from our intentions
and our actions.

Out of nothing
Comes everything.

Moments: 2 Thoughts

01 Jan 2014

Afloat in a river of moments,
Thoughts, opinions, judgements
Drift by.
What if this river ran clear?
What a trip that would be!

In each perfect moment,
A defect can be found.
Waiting to be fixed,
A lifetime passes by.

Love and Peace

01 Jan 2014

love digs deep into the soul.

A mind can only search for reason;
Sex searches for release;
A heart searches for comfort.

Spirit searches for itself,
The peace of not searching,
The peace of being.

love and Being

01 Jan 2014

It lies between us,
Raw and beautiful.
We stand on the same ground,
Invisible beneath us.
Two drops of the same sea,
It flows between us,
Beyond understanding.

Little Universes

31 Dec 2013

We live in a BIG universe.
Yet, as individuals, we each live
in a little universe
of our own creation.

Each day,
Let us create our universe anew,
consciously, compassionately,
with vision and courage.

Let us build our futures
based on love, not fear.

The Best We Can Do

29 Dec 2013

It is beyond human capacity for anyone
to become an expert in living their own life.

The best we can do is to wholeheartedly devote ourselves
to being humble students of living.


23 Dec 2013

Love opens doors.
It cuts little holes
in the boxes we live in.

does not close them.

Each soul we’ve touched
calls us,
not to join them
(as we will, in time),
but to be fully alive
until we do.

Each life we share
is a window
into what can be.

Heart and Mind

17 Dec 2013

Sometimes the doors of the heart slam shut
Against the nightmares of the mind,
And fear of emptiness trumps love.

Throw open those doors! Let the emptiness in,
And cold, hard dreams will melt
In Spirit’s warm embrace.

Each Wave

11 Dec 2013

Sailing through the waters of life,
Calm seas teach us nothing.
Lulled by sameness,
We sleep.

Awakened by turbulence,
We learn aliveness,
Each wave
A gift.

What Can't Be Broken

10 Dec 2013

When something feels broken,
sometimes it’s time to give up
trying to fix it,
holding it together,
and just let it fall apart.

Then, amongst its pieces,
we may find its essence,
the part that can’t be broken.

Then, perhaps,
something new
can grow.

Feeling Alive

08 Dec 2013

staying with the moment
and feeling truly alive
can be painful;
but the alternative
is feeling dead.

When I see that I have a choice,
I choose feeling alive!

Song of the Heart

07 Dec 2013

is the song
of the heart,
that the mind
can dance to.


07 Dec 2013

You can’t get home.
You can only remember
That you have always
Been home.

Sad Stories

03 Dec 2013

The sad stories we tell ourselves
are the products of our imaginations.
When we choose to, they can be appreciated
just as we would a good book or movie,
if we simply remember that they aren’t real!

Being Is Enough

03 Dec 2013

Filled with experience,
No words come.
Being is enough.

I am dying,
Day by day.
Piece by piece,
What I thought I was
Falls away.
Soon I will be Nothing,
Or Everything.

Looking into emptiness,
I see a clear space,
Beyond my expectations.

Everything Dances

26 Nov 2013

Everything dances.
Mountains dance the beat of eons.
Atoms dance their quantum dance.
Hearts dance the beat of living.
and being dances being.

Spirit Peeks Through

24 Nov 2013

We cover the world with concepts,
Wrapping ourselves in words,
Sleeping in a bed of history,
Dreaming out our lives.

And sometimes the veil tears open
And our visions are blinded in light,
And spirit peeks through, like a newborn,
Looking out through our eyes.

I Stepped Out

23 Nov 2013

A sound pulled me in,
A note, a rhythm.
Judgement held me back,
Fear held me still.

But still the music pulled me.
I stepped out of myself,
Into another human’s life,
And played.


18 Nov 2013

Raw and vibrant,
The world pours into me.
Nerves vibrating
With vision,
With sound.
All is energy,

Mind & Being

16 Nov 2013

In the tiny world of mind,
I am squeezed down to nothing.

In the big world of being,
I expand into everything.

My story is my prison.
Beyond the myth of “I”
Is freedom.

Ego and Being

15 Nov 2013

Sometimes, we long to be what we think we aren’t, but really already are. Maybe it’s as simple as letting go of wanting. This isn’t the only path to happiness, but certainly it’s a good start.

To die as an ego
And be reborn as Being,
That is the dream.

Ego dreams the dream.
But Being IS the dream.
The dream already real.

Being is inside the dream;
And the dream is inside Being.

Cultivate a loving relationship
with yourself.

Then, even when you’re alone,
you will always be
in the best possible company.

Giving & Receiving

29 Oct 2013

Give gratefully;
Receive generously.


27 Oct 2013

is reason and spirit
dancing together.

The Dancer

27 Oct 2013

Abandoned to the dance,
You share your aliveness.
We take it gratefully, greedily,
Not seeing it is already in us.

The animal in you calls -
The animal in us,
Blind & lacking,
Reaches out for completion.

Will we find ourselves,
In the mirror of your freedom?


15 Oct 2013

Through the communion of your hands,
Strong and gentle,
Moves infinite Spirit,
Compassionate and healing.

Our Mother,
Nurturing and calming,
Speaks through you,
Singing her song of touch,
Through you heart,
Through your hands.

Suffering and Peace

06 Oct 2013

All our stories of suffering
grow like pearls around our pain.

Inside each one
is a moment denied,
encysted in the past.

If, in the light of seeing,
the pearl dissolves,
a grain of being is released,
a moment once frozen in time.

Beyond that moment,
there is peace.

The Greatest Gifts

05 Oct 2013

The greatest gifts
Are not received,
They are discovered,

Look up from your thoughts,
With an open heart,
And let them in.

Without Need

04 Oct 2013

Without need,
each shared moment is a gift.

Without expectations,
Every step is a joyous discovery.

The gifts we give
live in each of us,
wherever we go.

A Reflection

03 Oct 2013

Human beings are,
for the most part,

Pinning one’s hopes
on the actions of another
is almost always a mistake.

The one relationship
we can and must rely on
is with ourself.

All the nurturing
and guidance
we really need
is within.

What we see in others
is simply a mirror
of what is in ourselves.


29 Sep 2013

success comes through action;
other times,
through allowing.

Do what you can,
and be open to the rest.

Let go!

24 Sep 2013

Let go of wanting -
open to emptiness.

Let go of emptiness -
open to everything.

Purest love

22 Sep 2013

The purest love
is like fresh air to the heart.

Breathing in,
it nurtures and enlivens,
but it cannot be held.

What if...?

19 Sep 2013

What if everything we do
is just an experiment,
a playful exercise?

Then there are no failures,
only new experiences,
and learning.

A New York Night

19 Sep 2013

Night sky,
Points of light,
If I did not know what each thing was,
Would it not be magic?
For a moment,
I let go of knowledge,
And let the magic in.

In each moment,
In my thoughts and my words,
I am expressing myself
With compassion and integrity.

In each moment,
I am accepting that every person
Is simply expressing their own reality,
And I will not take anything personally.

In each moment,
I am letting go of my assumptions,
And seeing the world with new eyes.

In each moment,
I acknowledge that I’m
Doing the best I can,
Warts and all.

In each moment,
I am stepping
Into a new dream.

Body and Spirit

10 Sep 2013

As each moment rolls by,
My head yearns for the sky,
Straining towards spirit.
My body sinks towards earth.
Returning to its mother.
When will I stretch in two,
Body and spirit,
Each going home?

Big love

05 Sep 2013

Caressed by the sun,
I feel the love of the universe,
Unrequested and unearned,
It is Being
Loving itself.


03 Sep 2013

Scared awake,
I have nothing but this moment.
Breathing in,
Soaked in sound and sight,


30 Aug 2013

Here I sit in tranquility,
Balanced at the edge of everything.
The water laps,
Birds swoop,
Trucks roll by, distant.
Planes boom across the sky.
All is in balance,

On the Spectrum

20 Aug 2013

I live on the edges of things,
Drifting at the borders of people’s towns,
Observing their rituals,
Their languages;
Not well enough to speak,
But to capture wisps of meaning,
Hints of intention.

I am my own species,
Learning to Be.

The "I Am" that I Am

13 Aug 2013

The air,
The water,
The sky
Fill me.

Everything that is “me”
Falls away.

This is the “I am”
That I am,


11 Aug 2013

Sometimes the gifts of life
Come wrapped in a dream,
And when the dream cracks open,
The gift is exposed:
Not what was wanted,
But what was needed.

This, Now

02 Aug 2013

Impaled to the earth,
Cradled in the sky,
I have no past,
I have no future;
I am this,

Clouds roll by,
Technicolor wonders,
Movies for the camera
Of my soul.

I am this,

I Could say goodbye

30 Jul 2013

I could say goodbye
to this room,
I could say goodbye
to this house.
I could say goodbye
to this town,
this country,
this world.

I could say goodbye
to this body,
this life.

What would I be?
What would I say hello to?

The Gifts of Life

18 Jul 2013

the gifts of life
come wrapped
in broken dreams.

As the dream dies,
the gift is revealed:
we get what we need,
not what we thought
we wanted..

Every disappointment is a gift.
Each failed expectation is an opportunity,
To see, choose, and act differently,
To set sail in a new direction.
Accept your pain, and explore!

When everything looks shitty,
Try looking in a mirror.
If there’s shit on your eyes,
It’s probably yours - wipe it off!

I look up

11 Jul 2013

Poised between regret and fear,
I look up,
Into a radiant sky.

I am alive.

To fly like the clouds,
amorphous, rootless,
sailing in the sun and wind,
drifting in and out of being.

I look down,
to catch this moment in words;
I look up,
and the bright magic has left the sky,
leaving a darker beauty,
painful to see,
a poem that does not want
to be written;
and still the clouds roll on,
like the sea,
like the earth,
like me.

Prayer and Silence

31 May 2013

No loud or urgent prayer
can call it,

Only in silence
does it come.

Awash in my senses,
I let go of words.

Nailed to the moment,
I have no poetry.

Mind abandoned,
the moment is the poem.

following each other’s wing,
write calligraphy,
adrift in the sky.

On the other side of emptiness,
Beyond what is expected,
Is a world of possibility,
The heart of creation.

My Gohonzon

24 Oct 2005

My Gohonzon
is invisible.

It is my voice,
resonating in my room,
bathing me in sound,
drawing me out of myself,
expanding outward,

my attention on the pregnant void
around me.