Rhythm has always been the most compelling and visceral aspect of music for me. The sheer variety and power of percussive sounds has led me to explore the endless potential of various hand drums and percussion instruments, on my own and with others, to weave beautiful patterns that satisfy and soothe the body, heart, and soul.

In 2001, in response to my emotional stress from the World Trade Center attack, I was moved to begin a regular communal drumming practice, which I have continued, in various community settings, as a therapeutic, meditative, and recreational practice for my own well-being, and to help promote the well-being of others.

Drum Circle Facilitation

In my years of community-based drumming, I’ve developed a personal style of drum circle facilitation based mainly on techniques taught by Arthur Hull (Village Music Circles), and shaped by my own innate sense of the deep human connection between rhythm, community, and spirituality. Along the way, I’ve facilitated drum circles in and around northern New Jersey for many different types of communities, including the following:



As I continue on this path, it’s become one of my primary life goals to promote community drumming so that more and more people can experience the joy and well-being of participating in drum circles. As these times we are living in become increasingly stressful, the value of communal drumming for promoting physical, emotional, and spiritual health feels all the more important to me, which strengthens my commitment to share this practice wherever and however I can.


There is a growing body of thought about the benefits of communal drumming. Here’s what some others have to say about this, along with some interesting research on the subject.


As a drum circle facilitator, my commitment is always to empower others to experience the joy of expressing their natural rhythmic spirit in a community environment, along with the healing, stress relief, and spiritual benefits that communal drumming promotes.

My Drumming Manifesto

Community in Rhythm

We are beings of energy, in a universe of energy.
It is our gift in each moment to direct that energy as we will.
In rhythm together, we direct that energy to our highest purpose,
For the greater joy and well-being of all.

Some reflections on why I do this

(with gratitude, to all I share the joy of drumming with)

Current Drumming Events

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