a community in rhythm

July 2, 2017 life

A circle of drummers
is like a ship,
its hull,
the sounds
and the rhythms
of those within it.

At the helm,
one can nudge it
this way and that,
but it is a living thing,
always in flux,
always creating
its own shape.

It sails through the silence
on threads of expression,
a tapestry weaving itself,
flowing through time.

Each thread
is the light of one spirit
merging magically
into the whole,
a confluence,
a synergy
of symbiotic souls.

In such moments,
there are no “me”’s
and no “you”’s;
there is only
one big “us”.

These are the moments
that remind us
what a gift this is,
to come together like this,
to put our separateness aside,
and become, again,
a community
in rhythm.