Beyond the world of discovery that music has been for me, there was always the bigger world, the universe of questions about what we’re a part of, how it works, and how to best fit into the larger whole.

My love of words, a fascination with scientific, philosophical, and spiritual inquiry, and a quiet determination to learn how to be a better human (and a happier man) have led me on a path of shaping my experience, breath by breath, into poems.

Here are some of them.

A More Perfect Vessel

November 14, 2020

I am aspiring
to become empty-headed,
so the world may flow through me
and I may be a more perfect vessel
for its miracles.


September 18, 2020

Light slides shimmering
across the water.

A boat’s wake
slices its surface,
weaving its warp
against the woof
of the rippling wind.

in this quintessent moment,
perfection’s dance
overwhelms my senses,
skewering my thoughts,
bursting the bubble
of my restless mind.

a wave in the sea

September 12, 2020

I am a wave
in the sea of Spirit,
and I stand
with a foot in each.

With one eye,
I see the little world
I call “my life”.

With the other,
I see everything
that is “not me”,
flowing around me
and through me.

When I close my eyes,
relax my stance,
I float away
from my little world,
awash in the flow
that gives me life.

What Are You?

September 11, 2020

Someone wants you to be angry;
someone wants you to be afraid.

Are you what they want you to be,
or are you something else?

Find out!

Outside and Inside

August 25, 2020

What happens
in the world outside
is not about you.

What you feel inside
is ALL about you.

The cure for suffering
is in noticing the difference.


August 9, 2020

is always
what time it is,
time to experience, time to act,
but we are so easily distracted,
by our dreams of the future
and dreams of the past,
that we miss it,
time after time,
until we have
no time left
at all.

An Accident of Birth

July 20, 2020

I am white and male
through an accident of birth,
and an American
through another accident of birth.

And I belong to this human family,
on this planet full of other sentient beings,
by yet another accident of birth.

And what we all have in common
is that every being on this planet
has a right to be here,
that we are equal in God’s eyes.

And our sacred duty
is to learn how to get along.

To Be an American

July 12, 2020

I am grateful
to be an American.

I am grateful
for the diverse beauty of this land,
and for the richness
of its diverse people and cultures.

And I regret the wrongs
that those who govern us
have sometimes committed,
but I am grateful for our freedom
to right those wrongs,
when we have the will to do so,
and to speak out
whenever we see them.

I am grateful
to be an American,
but I am most grateful
for what we can become.

Interdependence Day

July 4, 2020

On this day, so many years ago,
our forefathers declared our independence,
so we would be free from foreign rule,
free to pursue our own destiny
as a nation, as a people.

And yet, too many of us were NOT free,
shackled to the land by land owners
to whom they were mere property,
stripped of their own inalienable rights
to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

And to this day, those rights are only distant dreams
to all too many of us, as we struggle under the yoke
of a myriad of inequalities.

So I ask myself, on this day, if each of us are truly free,
to enjoy our independence on equal ground
with ALL of our brothers and sisters,
or if our independence is just a happy myth,
that does not describe the world we actually live in.

Freedom is a beautiful dream, one still worth striving for,
despite a million harsh realities that seem to stand in our way.

So perhaps each one of us must first embrace the truth
that we are NOT independent,
that we are bound by a million forces
that limit us as individuals,
but also connect us as a human family.

And there is a deeper truth, that we are INTERDEPENDENT,
that we must achieve freedom for ALL of us,
before any of us are truly free.


June 25, 2020

is not a path to truth,
or to healing.

Consider what you say
as if it were a virus,
mindful of the fear or anger
you may be spreading.

Or consider their opposites,
which are compassion
and love.

Which would you rather
be the source of,
when you cast your words
out into the world?