Drinking the Koolaid

July 29, 2020 blog

In response to another one of those knee-jerk reactions (as my dad used to call them) to the “Lberal media” (ABC network news, in this case, who were trying to expose the tragic mistakes in leadership by both the Chinese and US governments in handling this pandemic), I was moved to express the following in a Facebook comment. So, thank you to the Trump supporter who got me thinking along these lines!

There are many different flavors of Koolaid these days! For me, the true acid test is this: if it feels TOTALLY right, it probably isn’t, because it’s most likely just someone trying to manipulate your emotions. If it feels a bit uncomfortable, though, then it’s worth looking at more closely. Electronic media is full of people trying to make you feel good (on both sides of the fence). You’re best bet, then, if you’re actually interested in the truth, is to believe none of them! Keep an open heart and mind, and don’t discard any idea just because it makes you feel uncomfortable. The truth is almost NEVER comfortable, and that’s one way you can separate it from convenient lies. The more I learn to live with being uncomfortable, the more I feel I can begin to see with open eyes!