September 3, 2020 blog

For those who have no regard for objective reality or the wellbeing of others, it’s all too easy to create a compelling narrative that will seduce the emotionally vulnerable, playing on our fears and hatreds.

Beware of statements that excite or disgust you - in most cases, that is exactly what they’re meant to do!

Strive to be a dispassionate observer of what you see and hear, and separate, as best you can, what you are being told (which may or not be true), from how you feel about it (which is, most likely, a feeling you have lived with for many years, which may have been deliberately provoked in you so that you will become enslaved to someone else’s point of view).

The more we are bombarded with the opinions of others, the greater the challenge is to discover what is real and true, independent of external influence. We will not be free, as individuals, as a nation, or as a species, until we learn to think for ourselves. The clock is ticking, and there is no time to waste!