Two Poems For N

July 4, 2010 love


My friend beside me, quiescent and open,
Floating in tranquility.
I snuggle into you, gently reaching.
You drift toward me, slipping out of sleep.

Spoon-like we mingle, slowly intertwining,
Legs a tangle, warm skins blending.
Breath joining breath,
A conversation of sighs.

My heart softly opens, your tenderness unfolding.
The yielding flesh of your breast in my hand,
The gentle pulse of your heart.
Your tears kissing my skin, merging with mine.

You are my friend, here beside me.


My heart is full, my spirit peaceful,
The fist in my stomach unclenching.
A gentle fountain unleashed,
Like ocean water softly streaming
Into my core.

Down, down, past the soft places,
The passionate places,
Flowing down, through my legs,
Down through the soles of my feet.

This is me, alive and opening.
This is me, touched by you.