Big Brains

July 26, 2015 life

Before history,
our ancestors stood in fear,
in their minds’ eye,
for unseen danger.

Time and again,
their big brains saved them,
skirting perils unimagined
by simpler minds.

And now,
we walk
through a safer world,
wrapped in a cocoon
of civilization.

But still,
the fear remains,
that something unseen
and dangerous
always lurks nearby.

In the slow dance of evolution,
our big brains
still scan that unseen jungle,
always alert,
a heartbeat away
from fight or flight.

And what else,
in this world we are building,
might our big brains see,
beyond that jungle?

In the mind’s eye,
our world is infinite,
if we choose to look,
and always,
just a blink away,
is the Garden
we were born from.