Looking Back / Crossroads

February 20, 2017 life

Looking back across 65 years
of days and moments
mostly not remembered
there are threads
I have woven stories out of
flavors I have tasted
which linger on the palate
like a fading banquet of memory.

There has been drama
and joy
reasons for doubt
and reasons for rejoicing.

The meaning of it all escapes me
when I trace the paths
as details in a narrative
and the stories dissolve
into shadows of experience
and so much smoke.

There has been some pinnacle
I searched for
some peak of understanding
but looking back
and looking forward
all I see
is a clear and empty sky.

Standing here at this crossroad
all I know for certain
is that I have arrived here
on this day
and grateful.

We are always standing at a crossroad,
between what we believe
has shaped us,
and what we believe
is possible.