Being Human

July 14, 2017 life

The most important thing
about another human being
isn’t who they are;
it is how we know them
to be human.

In the world of identity,
we are only
who we think we are,
or who others think we are.

In that world,
we are merely snapshots
in each other’s minds,
images frozen
in a moment of perception,
separated from time,
seen only
through the lense
of our own identities.

But, stripped of these images,
we are all the same,
siblings in one great family,
drifting down a river
of shared experience.

The “each” of us dissolves,
as we look beneath appearances.

All of us were born
from the same place,
and we are all bound
for the same place.

We are always,
each and all of us,
sharing our suffering
and our joy.