October 29, 2017 life

Language is a virus
from inner space.

It infects us with the ideas
we see our world through,
coloring everything
with shades of good and bad.

It is the syntax we use
to parse what’s real,
what should be noticed or ignored,
cherished or feared.

It is the boundaries of the maze
our thoughts wander through,
always constrained
by the paths it lays before us.

But there is another kind of thought
that comes from outside language,
bursting through its viral membranes,
exploding our perceptions
into a soup of inspiration.

These are the thoughts
that cut through language like a knife,
severing old connections
so that new ones may be formed,
breeding and informing each other,
like life itself.

And so, it is through language
that we have inherited our past;
and it is through transcending it
that we may claim our future.