Those Who Suffer Most

May 26, 2018 life

There are those
with the insight and compassion
to see what is needed in this world,
and the resources to provide it,
be it schools, or hospitals, or other means
to feed the myriad needs
of those who suffer most.

And there are those of us
who share that insight and compassion,
but lack the means
to fill those physical needs.

It is our calling, then,
to offer the despairing
what encouragement we can,
to offer hope
for those beyond hope,
to show a path for those
who no longer see a way
out of their own misery.

For us, who are blessed
with a modicum of comfort and security,
we may offer the promise,
to those who suffer most,
of what our own experience tells us:
that any human being,
empowered with the recognition
of their own worth,
may claim the dignity
that is rightfully theirs,
and find the will
to fight their own cause,
trusting in the power
of their own humanity.