Imaginary Landscapes

January 29, 2019 life

The universe does not care
what we think about it,
but the more that we care,
the less we are connected with it,
and what we think about it
becomes the map
we use to make our way within it.

And thus we live our separate lives,
each in our own imagined landscape,
born from our assumptions and prejudices,
blind to the changes and surprises
that life is mostly made of.

But there are times
when we come to the edge of our map,
bumping into borders
we have imagined into being.

Then, by Grace,
we may look over the edge,
and see the world’s true form,
in all its dazzling presence.

Beyond every wall we build,
there is a vista
surpassing understanding,
confounding our expectations,
out past the limits
of hope and fear.