instant karma

February 13, 2019 life

Whenever we communicate, we always have a choice:
to do it mindfully, or to suffer the consequences.

In this age
of technological wonders,
it is easier and easier
to share our grievances,
and just as easy
to share our joy.

Each message we send
is like an impulse
coursing through a vast mind
that spans the globe,
surrounding us,
engulfing us,
its collective thoughts
insinuating themselves
into our own thoughts.

We are like the neurons
of this world-wide mind,
each of us firing
with love or hate,
compassion or anger,
each time we share
our hearts or minds.

We are the conscious components
of an expanding super-consciousness,
growing and morphing
as we feed it.

And our peace of mind,
our spiritual well being,
perhaps our survival
depend more and more
on how we feed it.