January 25, 2022 life

I was dreaming, and in my dream,
I had this thought: I am walking by
an old fashioned phone booth,
and as I pass, the phone rings.

I answer it and say hello,
and a voice on the phone says “yes”.

I ask it meaningless questions,
and each time, the voice says “yes”.

And then I asked:
“Is it important what questions I ask?”,
and the voice said “yes”.

And I asked:
“Is this me I’m talking to?”,
and again the voice said “yes”.

And so I asked:
“What should I say to life?”,
and the voice said “yes”.

“What should I say to each day?”,
and once more the voice said “yes”.

“What should I say to each moment?”;
again the voice said “yes”.

“What word should I carry always
in my heart and mind?”,
and, as I walked on,
the voice in my head said softly: